10 things to do on Moreton Island

10 things to do on Moreton Island

Moreton Island

Moreton Island is Emma’s most favourite place in the world. Out of the whole wide world, Emma loves this place the most and it’s not hard to see why. ¬†With pristine, 30km beaches and turquoise waves lapping at the shore, it is a beach lovers paradise.

moreton island
Moreton Island

10 things to do

1) Big Sandhills

Climb the dunes and ‘surf’ down them!

moreton island
Our family, climbing and surfing the dune.

2) Blue Lagoon Lake

Hike around parts of blue lagoon and finish with a dip in it’s crystal clear waters.

moreton island
Blue lagoon lake
moreton island
Blue lagoon
moreton island
Swimming blue lagoon

3) Shark spit wreck

Down the beach from Tangalooma lies more wrecks; Shark Spit wreck. Discover the wrecks and the animals that live nearby. Just remember to put the starfish back in lots of water!

moreton island
Shark spit wreck
Finding starfish
Watching starfish
Moreton island
Shark spit wreck

4) Kooringal shore

Explore the shallow shoreline of Kooringal.

moreton island
Shallow shoreline of Kooringal
Hermit crab found in the sand
Clear and shallow waters
Low tide

5) White rock whale skull

The beach of white rock is spectacular enough without the impending whale skull. It is magnificent to see and gives a whole new perspective on just how big whales are.

White rock beach
Whale skull
View of Eagers beach
Whale skull
Richard propping up the whale skull

6) Rous Battery

Take in a bit of WWII history with the Rous fortifications.

Rous battery


7) Cape Cliff

At the base of the lighthouse stand the volcanic rocks of Cape Cliff.

Moreton Island
Cape cliff
Rock climbing at Cape Cliff
Volcanic rocks jutting out onto the beach.
Admiring the view
Volcanic rocks


8) Cape Moreton Lighthouse


Watch whales breach and tale flap from Cape Moreton
moreton island
The view from Cape Moreton.
moreton island
Cape Moreton’s Lighthouse

9) Champagne rocks

Watch the waves break over the rocks and run away screaming!

The beach near champagne rocks
Champagne pools
Waiting for the wave
Running away from the waves
Champagne pools
Champagne pools
Champagne pools

10) Yellow Patch Beach Pools and Sand Banks

Swim the sandy banks of Yellow Patch

Moreton Island
Yellow Patch
Sandy banks and pools of Yellow Patch
Jumping off the sand banks of Yellow Patch
Fishing, Yellow Patch
Shallow hot pools of Yellow Patch




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