About Us

Hi Everyone!
We are the Pamley-Liddells; Richard, Emma, Sophie (14), Zach (8) & Imogen (7).
We are a plant-based family of mini-adventurers who are seeing the globe on a budget and chronicling our travels as go. We are slow travellers, we like to spend at least a month in each country and live like a local.
Our ed-venture this year is allowing the world to teach us new skills and cultures, new perspectives and hidden depths.  We’ll also be using a semi-structured approach to world-schooling to teach our kids the critical skills they’ll need to be successful in their lives.
We’d love you to join us on our adventures as we share our highs, the pitfalls, the decisions and everything else in between.  This is our Instagram Page and this is our Facebook Page where we will regularly post. We’d love it if you followed us or showered us with a few likes every now and again.
The Pamley-Liddells.

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Discover Our Journey

See where we have traveled & read about our experience in each place by clicking on a destination below.