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The strange shapes of the Ciucas mountains

Autumn was fast approaching, Brasov had its first sprinkling of snow, the trees were turning from lush green to that orangey-browny colour, it was bloody freezing and I still had the Ciucas mountains and the bears to visit before we left Romania in search of the Bulgarian coast. And yes, this was seven months ago…….

Spectacular street art & where to find it in Las Vegas

I came to Vegas looking for neon lights, CSI, the Stratosphere, desert sand, Red Rock Canyon, the fountains of Bellagio, Death Valley, the Valley of Fire, Hoover Dam and of course the biggie, the Grand Canyon.  I was not expecting to find such elaborate and quality street art. Down town Vegas is all arty It…

2017! Cor Blimey what a year!

We decided to have a recap on what we’d done last year and….well, what a year 2017 was for us!! Note: I actually wrote this in December 2017 but forgot to hit publish. In 2016 we had spent six months being location independent in France and two months in England, so 2017 was our first…