Saadian Tombs: The forgotten Dynasty. Marrakech

Tucked behind the Kasbah of Marrakech, hidden behind a small, wooden door you’ll find the Saadian Tombs. They close promptly at 5pm, so don’t be late! The Kasbah Mosque The tombs are next to the Kasbah mosque built by the Almohad dynasty in 1184. It was refurbished in 2016 (it was originally remodeled in the 17th

We’ve never felt so clean: A family Hammam in Marrakech

With Richard working away so frequently recently and leaving me alone with the kids, I was really eager for us to have an experience as a family. After hearing about Hammams (a traditional Moroccan bath) I knew we had to try one… but how? A Moroccan Hammam Not many hammams are keen on children and with

Rescuing kittens in Marrakech. Everything you need to know about SPANA

Marrakech’s streets are overflowing with stray dogs and cats, both dead and alive. Not to mention the awfully abused working donkeys, mules and horses but that’s for an entirely separate blog post! Human rights in Morocco are particularly poor so it is of little consolation or surprise that animal rights are low down the pecking

The vegetarian (friendly) Marrakech restaurants you’ll want to visit

Being vegan (or vegetarian) in Marakech is relatively easy IF you want to eat vegetable couscous, vegetable tagine or bread all day. So if you’re a bit like us and bored of couscous after three meals, it’ll be a little uninspiring. Here are the vegetarian and vegan friendly places in Marrakech that we’ve tried and more