Our best beaches from Western Australia

Let’s be frank, WA has the largest amount of coastline in Australia (20,000km) and whilst you’ll never find a bad beach (oh this made me chuckle), we all have our favourites. We left Perth in 2013 but I’m hopeful these natural beauty spots haven’t drastically changed. Some of these photos were taken pre DSLR days

Making airbnb work for you

US AirBNB has saved our arse quite a few times; saving us from homelessness in France; allowing us to tour Europe┬áin the summer of 2016 and encouraging us to travel the world at a fraction of the cost (in comparison to staying in hotels) however it’s also bitten us on the arse a few times

How to cut down a Christmas Tree

Christmas Trees, Bright Sunshine and Western Australia go together like…. well like a chocolate tea pot really. By the time Christmas finally hits, Western Australia is in the height of summer which generally means temperatures of 30-40 degrees centigrade. A dramatic change from the cold and wet Christmases we usually had in Blighty. When we