Whalebone Beach, WA.

Whalebone Beach Whalebone Beach is located about 20km south of Denham in the Shark Bay region of Western Australia. Located between Shell beach and Eagle Bluff it is often overlooked but in my opinion it is one of the greatest wilderness treasures I’ve ever encountered. Climate Shark Bay has a semi-arid climate which means its

Busselton Jetty, Western Australia

Follow my blog with Bloglovin These are old photos! The metadata on some of these photos says that they were taken in November 2012, just a month after I purchased my first DSLR and on other photos it tells me I took them in April 2013, six months after I purchased it.  I am not

Currumbin rocks at sunset, Gold Coast.

The history I was interested to know how such a large volcanic rock could end up on a sandy beach, so I did some research. It is estimated that over a period of FOUR MILLION YEARS the volcanic rocks of Mount Barney & Mount Warning erupted leaving lava in the creek beds. With the constant

Maroochydore River Boathouse Sunrise

Maroochydore River Boathouse Sunrise   Learning how to photograph One of the ways I significantly improved my photography was through practice.  I bought my first DSLR (A Nikon D7000) in October 2012.  Within a year I had clocked up 150,000 shutter depressions! This seems an excessive amount and it’s mostly because I was learning how