Foreign European Words for SUGAR!

If you’re sugar-free like us or just trying to avoid it, reading the ingredients on labels becomes a necessity. sugar Whilst we mostly cook from scratch, we still need to buy stuff like (non-dairy) milk, passata or cacao powder and you cannot trust corporations not to hide ingredients in food.  I am still shocked to

Making airbnb work for you

US AirBNB has saved our arse quite a few times; saving us from homelessness in France; allowing us to tour Europe in the summer of 2016 and encouraging us to travel the world at a fraction of the cost (in comparison to staying in hotels) however it’s also bitten us on the arse a few times

DDR Museum, Berlin

At Richard’s request we visited the DDR museum in Berlin this summer. Now, usually I am not amazingly keen on museums and the kids hate being cooped up inside, so, unless they super hands on, they tend not to suit us so well. I was quite relieved then, when Richard told me it was a