Roman Ruins; Nora Archaeological Site. Pula, Sardinia

Nora  is an ancient Roman and pre-Roman town which sits on the jutting peninsula of Pula in southern Sardinia.  The area was originally Phoenician; a flourishing sea route ran between Carthage and Sardinia. There were  two protected harbours on each side of the peninsula – part of each is still visible. Following the conquest of Sardinia

So you want a beach holiday? 10 reasons to choose Villasimius, Sardinia.

Looking for a beach holiday? Villasimius is your place to go! Villasimius sits on the far southern coast of Sardinia in Italy.  It’s Italy’s second largest island (and the second largest island in the Med too) but it’s closest neighbour is Corsica (France) which is just a short boat trip away. Sardinia has 2,000km of

La Spiaggia di Notteri, Villasimius, Sardinia

We originally went chasing flamingos at the Spagno di Notteri (the lake just next to the beach) and despite our great intentions we FAILED MISERABLY! It would appear that those pesky flamingos are a bit shy and kept themselves firmly in the centre of the rather large lake. So instead, we decided to do what any self

The rain never bothered us anyway… Chia, Sardinia

After two weeks in Villasimius we have headed south-west to Chia – Sardinia’s southern most tip.  In true ‘Brits on holiday’ fashion, the weather is a shocker; the skies are full of black clouds, thunder rumbles throughout the valley and the rain keeps coming. There are puddles everywhere and at one point the wind blows