Making airbnb work for you

US AirBNB has saved our arse quite a few times; saving us from homelessness in France; allowing us to tour Europe in the summer of 2016 and encouraging us to travel the world at a fraction of the cost (in comparison to staying in hotels) however it’s also bitten us on the arse a few times

How to prepare for a road trip

Follow my blog with Bloglovin  All photos taken with my phone and thus quality is not great. Road trip baby!! In July 2016 we packed up our car and started out on a journey that would see us clock up 7,200km! Yes you read that correctly. Seven THOUSAND kilometres. Looking back even I cannot comprehend

Lac des Sapins – Beaujolais, France

Lac des Sapins As the summer heat of Lyon drew to an end and because we love all things hot, sunny and water, we thought it was aptly time to visit the biological pools of Lac des Sapins in the Beajoulais hills.  We visited Lac des Sapins as a day trip from Lyon and spent

24 things I’ve learnt from living in Lyon

Prior to moving to Lyon, we were warned by a French man from the north of France that Lyon and the south-east were particularly hostile to ‘incomers’. We laughed it off! We’re used to moving around, we’re used to adapting, we speak French, so… there’ll be no problem right!  WRONG! Here are just a few