Being Vegan in Lyon

Lyon is the self-described French city of gastronomy. I say self-described because from my perspective, unless you like sausages, it isn’t and if you’re vegetarian or even vegan, you’re going to be a bit short of choices! Let me explain why: Lunch is serious business! Lunch here is taken VERY seriously. I mean really seriously.

Vieux Lyon; churches & cobbled streets

One sunny afternoon last year, whilst we were staying in the 1st, ¬†we decided to have a saunter over to Vieux Lyon. I’d heard that it’s rambling, narrow cobbled streets were something magnificent and that it had a huge number of quaint restaurants tucked into tiny buildings. It was true! It’s a lovely area, many

The China Town that really isn’t!

I’m not going to hide the fact that we’ve found Lyon pretty dull. As cities go it is really regimented in its opening times and nearly everything is shut after 9pm and on a Sunday. It hasn’t made life the easiest so when I read this article¬†showing that Lyon had an actual China Town with