Floibanen Funicular, Floyen, Bergen.

Floyen Floyen is a city mountain found in Bergen, south west Norway. It is home to the Floibanen Funicular which gives panoramic views over Bergen and a number of small hiking trails. This summer we spent a really nice half day catching the funicular up the mountain and hiking down. Funicular railway In the interests of

Hiking Preikerstolen in the rain….

Hiking Preikerstolen. We were staying in Stavanger when we decided to hike this mountain. It was a drive of about 2 hours, probably a bit less.  Even if you don’t make it to Preikerstolen, the mountain views along the way are breathtaking. Huge mountains dwarf picturesque red, wooden houses and dark blue lakes. The moody

The Helleren Cottages @ Jossingfjord, Norway

Helleren Situated just under the Altmark memorial is “Helleren”, a large cliff-face overhanging two houses at the end of the Jøssingfjord on the RV 44. The word “Helleren” in Norwegian means ‘overhanging rock formation’ but is often used in a different form; “Heller” meaning a shelter. Jossingfjord This helleren in Jossingfjord is 60 meters long