Three windmills in one. How Hill, Norfolk

Sitting on the banks of the River Ant.. is the How Hill trust estate which consists of two historical houses, gardens and three windmills (Turf Fen, Boardman’s Mill and Clayrack Mill).  Visiting in winter doesn’t do this estate any favours as it really comes into flowering beauty in the spring however we were still able to

Making airbnb work for you

US AirBNB has saved our arse quite a few times; saving us from homelessness in France; allowing us to tour Europe in the summer of 2016 and encouraging us to travel the world at a fraction of the cost (in comparison to staying in hotels) however it’s also bitten us on the arse a few times

Supporting RedWings Horse Sanctuary, Norfolk

A little while ago I wrote an article on animal cruelty in tourism and how best to avoid it.  We love animals and have no desire to exploit them so we’re ultra careful whenever we choose an activity with animals. After quite a bit of research, we decided to visit a sanctuary in Norfolk that

All aboard the Ullswater Steamer

Ullswater, aptly nicknamed ‘the world’s most beautiful lake’ lived up to its name when we took the Ullswater Steamer in a circular tour from Glenridding to Pooley Bridge and back. Ullswater The lake of Ullswater, at just nine miles long, is famous for being the stretch of water where Donald Campbell set the water speed