How to cut down a Christmas Tree

How to cut down a Christmas Tree

Christmas Trees, Bright Sunshine and Western Australia go together like…. well like a chocolate tea pot really.

By the time Christmas finally hits, Western Australia is in the height of summer which generally means temperatures of 30-40 degrees centigrade. A dramatic change from the cold and wet Christmases we usually had in Blighty. When we first moved to WA, we were desperate to replicate Christmas as best we could (don’t worry it didn’t last long) and so we hunted down a Christmas tree FARM.

Thanks to ‘Christmas Trees of Wanneroo’ we found our Christmas tree and by found, I literally mean, we FOUND IT.  Yes, it’s a proper farm where you are given a trolley, a saw and sent on your way!!! It was certainly very fun and not at all what we were used to!

Christmas Tree
A man with a saw and a field of Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees of Wanneroo

Christmas Trees of Wanneroo is owned by a lovely man, called Alex, who invites you to choose your tree out of the 2,000 he has growing. Don’t worry, if you’re not into sweating, puffing and panting and trying to break down your tree, you can pre-order & purchase a cut one.

Given it was only 36 degrees c that day and we were feeling strong, we opted for the not-so-sensible option and decided we’d cut ours down.

Christmas Tree
Clearly the saw did something strange to Richard!

But first you have to find it

There’s five of us here and of course we all have different opinions on what the tree should look like.  The kids just wanted a HUGE tree, I wanted one that wasn’t lopsided and Richard was hoping for one that had a small trunk!

Christmas Tree
Setting off to find the tree
Christmas Tree
Looking for the tree is hard work
Christmas Tree
Can we have this one Mum?

Chopping it down

Once you’ve decided upon your tree, it’s time to chop it down. Despite the girls very specific instructions, it appeared that every man chopper needed a boy chopper to help him some more.

Christmas Tree
We threw in the builder’s bum for good measures
Christmas Tree
Chopping down the tree


and once it’s chopped down you can celebrate!!

And try not to squash your youngest child with the tree. Woops.

Christmas Tree
Celebrate like a …. dude!

or maybe just make sure you’ve cut it straight. Woops!

Christmas Tree
Cut it straight!

Carting it back

Luckily, once you’re dripping with sweat and you have your tree, you are provided with a lovely cart and you can elegantly wheel it back without looking too disheveled. Or you could make the kids do it. We opted for the latter.

Christmas Tree
Make the kids drag it back.
Christmas Tree
But don’t forget to tickle with it first

Now you can rejoice

You’ve paid for your tree, you’ve returned the saw and now you can rejoice that it’s ALMOST over. You just have to strap it to the car first and don’t forget the children!

Christmas Tree
The Christmas tree made Richard feel very ‘manly’.
Christmas Tree
Of course the kids wanted to sit next to it
Christmas Tree
And whatever the boy does, the girl has to do too!

Decorating the preying mantis… err what?

After all that stress and dehydration, you can finally take your tree home to decorate. But don’t forget to check for insects first!

Christmas Tree
Decorating the tree

Preying mantis found and gently deposited outside

Our Christmas preying mantis was gently relocated outside where he could lead a fulfilling life. Please be kind to wildlife. We need them more than they need us 🙂

Christmas Tree
What do you mean we can’t decorate it?!



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