Foreign European Words for SUGAR!

Foreign European Words for SUGAR!

If you’re sugar-free like us or just trying to avoid it, reading the ingredients on labels becomes a necessity.


Whilst we mostly cook from scratch, we still need to buy stuff like (non-dairy) milk, passata or cacao powder and you cannot trust corporations not to hide ingredients in food.  I am still shocked to discover that tins of pineapple quite often contain sugar syrup! I mean, WHY?

Words are so similar but so different

Here are some foreign European words for sugar. If nothing else, it is fascinating to see how similar words from different countries are.

French: Sucre
Spanish: Azúcar
Basque: Azukre
Catalan: sucre
Portuguese: Açucar
Italian: Zucchero
German: Zucker
Danish: Sukker
Slovakian: Cukor
Slovenian: Sladkorja
Czech: cukr
Hungarian: Cukor
Albanian: Sheqer
Norwegian: Sukker
Swedish: Socker
Finnish: Sokeri
Croatian: šećer
Bosnian: šećer
Bulgarian: захар (zakhar)
Dutch: Suiker
Icelandic: Sykur
Latvian & Lithuanian: Cukurs
Maltese: Zokkor
Polish: cukier
Macedonian: шеќер (šeḱer)
Serbian: шећер (šećer)
Romania: Zahar

It is the devil!






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