The Helleren Cottages @ Jossingfjord, Norway


Situated just under the Altmark memorial is “Helleren”, a large cliff-face overhanging two houses at the end of the Jøssingfjord on the RV 44.

The word “Helleren” in Norwegian means ‘overhanging rock formation’ but is often used in a different form; “Heller” meaning a shelter.


This helleren in Jossingfjord is 60 meters long and 10 meters deep and its history dates back hundreds of years to the 1800’s.  It is thought that the buildings might be older and parts of the properties may date back to the 1500’s. The cliff offers fine protection of the houses resulting in the roofs being made from single, wooden clapboards.  People previously lived in the buildings, living off the land and sea as the houses were inaccessible by land.  Although they were abandoned in the 1920’s, Dalane Folkemuseum is now the responsible caretaker of the houses and they open for (sustainable amounts of) visitors year round.

The winding road from the Altmark memorial down to Helleren was opened in 1921 and the steep-sided valley now exports titanium ore from the mine at Tellnes.


The view of Helleren from the road.

The Helleren cottages from the road


Helleren cottages nestled under the cliff-face.

The inside of the cottages has been preserved for everybody to see. They are open all year round and request that a sustainable about of people visit and respect the cottages for future generations to come.



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