How to spend 45 minutes in Krakow


If you’ve been following my other posts, you’ll know that our car has a cracked head gasket. We’re in the position where to fix it would outweigh the value of the car and so we’ve decided just to keep patching it up as best we can and drive it until it dies.

Because of said car and because we were waiting for a car product to arrive by courier we weren’t able to leave Berlin until 6pm. Roll on 8 hours when we eventually arrived in Krakow and you can see why we weren’t up at sunrise to explore this magnificent city.  Due to this our allotted time in Krakow was a whopping total of FORTY-FIVE minutes….

So, what can you do in Krakow in 45 minutes?

You can catch a guided tour on a golf cart 🙂 It was really just what we needed.

Guided golf cart tour in Krakow

Guided golf cart tour in Krakow. Wawel Castle.

Our tour guide

Our tour guide was provided by ‘Guided City Tours’ and our tour for the hour was Marco Spaggiari. He was really lovely. Very kind to the children and very patient when I decided I had to get out to take a photo!!

The tours can be given in 26 different languages so don’t worry about any language barriers.  We decided to have a tour around the old town however they also offer tours around the Jewish quarter, the Ghetto and Schindler’s factory.

If you would like to book Marco, his business card is below.


The Old Town

Krakow was preparing for a visit from the Pope, four days after us, so the streets were much busier than usual. It was estimated that over a million people would be descending upon Krakow for World Youth Day. I’m really glad we missed that!!

Krakow is one of Europe’s oldest cities and became the capital of Poland in 1038. The ‘old town’ as it is now referred to is the medieval city which was established in 1257.  Most of the streets run off the Grand Square.  The city used to have fortifications around it however only a few parts of this wall still stands. In its place are The Planty Ring of Gardens.

Krakow, like many eastern European countries has an interesting history flitting between democratic Poland, communist Lithuania, sleepy Austria and returning to modern day Poland.

It is definitely worth more than a 45 minute visit and we would really like to go back.


Camera: Nikon D800
Lens: Sigma 24-70mm

The Barbican. A fortified outpost connected to the walls protecting Krakow.

A remaining section of the fortified walls, to the right.

Main street leading from the Barbican to Grand Square

Looking back towards the Old Wall and Barbican.

Krakow main square

The market square which is 40,000 square metres!

Wonderful little streets with tucked away bars.

Streets dating back to the medieval period.


I am quite convinced that our tour guide told us there were 127 churches in Krakow but of course now I cannot find any literature to actually prove it. Wikipedia states that there are over 120 but doesn’t give me an exact figure.

Saint Mary’s Church in Krakow.

Catholic church

Road off market place



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