We got lost but found Lu Impostu, Sardinia, Italy

We left Flussio with a full car and headed for the airport. I always make sure we leave in plenty of time so rather than spend four hours at a tiny airport I took my poor suffering family off-roading on dirt tracks looking for Flamingos!

We didn’t find any flamingos but we did find a place called Puntaldia.


Puntaldia appears to be a hideously ghastly complex built around a mammoth golf course. I detest the pretentiousness of golf courses as well as the environmental impact they have on depleting water reserves but according to my map there was a sandy beach close by, so we went in search.

Spiaggia di Lu Impostu

In the summer time I should imagine that this beach is heaving with people but in the slightly cooler times of spring there was just a sprinkling of other tourists.

Lu ImpostuLu Impostu


The water

The sea is crystal clear and is fed by both the tide and a big river. The waters are shallow and warm – even for spring!

Lu ImpostuLu ImpostuLu ImpostuLu ImpostuLu Impostu

Lu Impostu

Admiring the view

Rich admiring the view and soaking up the last few rays of sunshine.

Lu ImpostuLu Impostu