Holy McMoly! The Mačkafé (Cat Cafe) Bratislava

One way that to encourage our children to spend hours walking around cities they have no real interest in visiting, is by breaking trips into manageable sizes and negotiating more interesting stop offs for them.

On the day we proposed visiting Bratislava’s castle, I quote one of my children who said “Oh no, not another castle. Urgh! They all look the same“.  So I giggled at this because I’m pretty sure I said exactly the same to my parents twenty something years ago. So on our way to Hrad (Bratislava Castle) we decided to pop into Mačkafé!

Cat cafes

Cat cafes have been popping up all over the place since Japan made it popular in 2004. However my research tells me that Taiwan was the first city to get one back in 1998.  Cat cafes are designed to be therapeutic and relive the stress of urban life. However if you’re like us and your lifestyle just doesn’t allow for pets, they’re also a fabulous idea!!


Mačkafé has only been open a year but it has already amassed a feedback of over 300 on facebook alone.  They must be doing something right!!  All of Mačkafé’s cats come from rescue homes which makes it especially poignant.

Mačkafé can be found on a one-way street HERE and their website is HERE.  We found it easier to walk everywhere within Bratislava as it is quite a small city and parking is challenging.

The staff all speak English and their menu can also be found in English. The food is all home-made and they offer a really great selection of vegan alternatives. We had delicious coconut milkshakes and a wonderful red lemonade.


There are some simple rules and those are mostly to protect the cats. Upon entering there are two doors; outer and inner. You must close the outer door before opening the inner door. In the porch area is some antiseptic hand gel that they request you rub into your hands. We didn’t because I think those gels are more harmful than they are good, so we just washed our hands upon entering.  You mustn’t feed the cats, even if they come mooching for food and don’t disturb them if they’re sleeping.


Camera: Nikon D800
Lens: Sigma 24-70mm


OUr youngest stroking a cat

Our middley, stroking a cat


Our youngest again, happily stroking a cat


A cat sleeping


A cat sleeping in its box

A cat on Mačkafé

Perches attached to the walls.

Drinking their coconut milkshake and playing battleships

Sleeping cats should be left

A cat in Mačkafé

A cat in Mačkafé

Red lemonade

There’s a range of cat toys too





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