How to kill 3 days on Hamilton Island, Tropical Queensland.

I visited the idyllic Hamilton Island in August 2014 with a group of photographers from Meetup hosted by its leader and multi award winning, film photographer Destin Sparks.  It was my first trip to tropical northern Queensland and whilst alcohol and late nights featured prominently so did extremely early mornings and a whole lot of fun!!

Dicky Beach, Queensland, Sunrise

This shipwreck on Dicky Beach, QLD, the SS Dicky cargo ship, dates to 1893 when it first swept up onto beaches. It remained relatively intact until the storms and flooding of 5 years ago when the council appear to have removed a significant amount, under the guise of safety which added to its further demise.

Northern Italy with 3 kids in a car!

These photos have all been copied from a previous travel blog that I used to write in 2010. This was prior to us becoming vegan or sugar-free so I do apologise for the photos of food! At this stage our children were small, approximately aged 7, 3 and 18 months. All of these photos were

A walk around Western Australia: from Denham to Albany.

  We were privileged enough  to spend two years in Western Australia (WA) and even more fortunate enough to have bought a camper van. Oh how we loved our dear camper, it gave us so many possibilities and we were able to travel from Denham, in the north-west of WA, right down to Albany in