A tipple with a view; The roof top bars in Seville you cannot live without!

Seville is an amazing city with a warren of tiny, cobbled streets that are lined with boutique bars and restaurants to tantalise your taste buds and shops that will make you wish you left your wallet at home.

On the ground the city is a busy, heaving mass of bodies but did you know that high up on the roof tops there are a number of must-know bars?  We think that they bleed serenity and sunshine and that they’re all worth a visit.

In no particular order are our favourite roof top bars where you can enjoy a tipple with a view and hopefully dip your feet in a pool

Hotel Vincci La Rabida

This is an upscale, Moorish-style hotel, draped in white linen. It oozes class and includes two restaurants and a tapas bar.  It’s about a kilometre from La Giralda and gives pleasant views over the rooftops.

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Fontecruz seis

Just as I arrived at Fontecruz so did the bride & groom ready to use the pool.  The receptionist very kindly allowed me to photograph a different section of the roof, which is quite large, but I wasn’t able to get the width of the pool. It’s a big pool for a roof top!

Set in a restored 16th-century palace, this refined hotel is just a few minutes walk from Seville Cathedral.  It offers free wifi and of course the pool with a large deck area for sunbathing.

It has a relaxed but vibrant feel.

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Dona Maria

Dona Maria is a funky roof top area within spitting distance of La Giralda. It is set in a 14th-century house-palace and also offers free wifi! The cocktail bar and sun terrace is for anybody to use however the small pool is for hotel guests only.

It is small, quiet and quite refined. It had a personal atmosphere which was friendly and welcoming.

roof top

roof toproof toproof topCuna 2

Nestled into a back-street and with little publicity, you could walk past Cuna 2 entirely oblivious of its existence.  It is definitely more of an evening restaurant than a lunch time bar but don’t let that put you off.

The quaint 18th-century building hosts the rooftop terrace and on weekends an in-house dj.

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Roof ¡estamos arriba! (Casa Romana)

With super funky paint work and multiple levels and bars, this roof top bar seems to have it all. It’s quiet during the day but comes alive at night.

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El corte Ingles

You might be mistaken for thinking this is just a cheaper version of Debenhams, UK (Myer, Aus) but on the top floor is a Gourmet Experience with a large and loud roof top. With a selection of eateries and bars serving sangria and cocktails this would be a perfect place to start your evening. Bask up the sunshine (which currently isn’t setting until gone 8pm) and the cosmopolitan people and enjoy the buzz.

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Hotel Inglaterra

Overlooking the square of Plaza Nueva this hotel-bar offers an air of refinery.  The rooftop terrace is large and surprisingly busy.  

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Last but very much not least is this little known gem which is east of Real Alcazar. The hotel dates from the 18th century but has a modern music theme. I visited in the rain so don’t let these photos with their puddles put you off.

It has a cute bar and a lovely looking hot tub as well as a two-tiered terrace.

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El balcón de Las setas (metropol parasol)

Officially named Metropol Parasol and popularly known as the Mushrooms of Seville, Las Setas is a wooden structure measuring 150 x 70 x 26 meters.

The bar is on the second level and gives brilliant views across the city.  I visited twice; once in the rain and once in the sunshine. The sunshine is a far better option!

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Let us know if you go?

Let me know if you visit any of these roof top settings and tell us what you think.  We’ve picked our favourites but we’d love to know yours!

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