How to get cash on Siargao Island. The Philippines

SIARGAO: On a remote island in the middle of The Philippine Sea where no broadband exists and electricity is intermittent, how on earth can you get cash!?

Getting cash on Siargao is the source of many foreigner’s nightmares. Ours included, until we realised there’s a VERY SIMPLE WAY!


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Cash machines

There are three cash machines (ATMs) in Dapa (Siargao’s capital) but that is NOT how we got our cash. No siree, because none of these machines worked.

EastWest Rural bank accepts Filipino cards only.

DBP appears to work correctly but never actually gives cash.

Cantilan bank ATM never worked.

All of the banks have two armed guards and it is unlikely you’ll be allowed to enter.


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Send cash to yourself on Siargao

After despairing with the cash machines (we weren’t the only foreigner looking bereft and scared next to the cash machines) we discovered Worldremit.

By creating an account for yourself, either online or via a phone app (which we used) you can send yourself a maximum of 200,000 pesos and collect it in either General Luna or Dapa.

The internet on Siargao is pretty diabolical as it all comes from sim cards so I’d recommend downloading the app and creating an account prior to landing. Our internet was no strong enough to load the online page on our laptop but we were able to use the phone app with no problem.


North of the island towards Santa Monica

How to collect the money

In order to collect the money you’ll require photo ID. We took a passport and a driving licence as well as the bank card we’d used for transferring (although we weren’t asked for it). Cash was available within 30 minutes to 24 hours. We actually did this twice whilst here.

Collection of the money can be from two different points in General Luna; M Lhuillier and Palawan Pawnshop.

We chose M Lhuillier because we thought it looked safer and we had NO PROBLEMS. 

We didn’t get any money from Dapa so we can’t comment on collection points etc.


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