Our first night in Villasimius & a sunset from Timi Ama

After being cooped up on the plane for two and a half hours and then a subsequent three hours in the airport waiting for our bags and trying to sort out all the problems we had with our French bank cards (GRRrrr) and thus Hertz… (a long story but we’d never recommend BNP), we found the first beach we could in Villasimius (Spiaggia di Simius) and just went for a walk! Anything to blow the frustration and cobwebs out.

Spiaggia di Simius

Basically the beach at Simius is so long, it’s been divided into lots of different areas. At the time it’s hard to know which beach you’re on but whilst looking at a map it becomes clearer. Not that it really matters lol. All the beaches around Villasimius are very beautiful.

The Spiaggia di Simius is one of the main beaches in Villasimus. It’s currently spring and about 22 degrees; during the day the beach is almost empty but it comes alive for sunset when people walk themselves and their dogs.

The waters are clear, the sand is pale and the waves are little…   In the spring and winter months there’s quite a lot of sea debris along Simius beach; dried seaweed, some branches and heads of sea plants. Of course our kids picked up the largest branch they could find and insisted on dragging it behind us up the beach!


The beach at Simius


Jumping the waves or ripples at Simius


NO we are NOT dragging a tree behind us up the beach!!!!

We decided to walk west (down) the beach and we came across the rocks of Timi Ama. No rock left un-turned and all that, of course we had to climb them to see what was on the other side!

The rocks of Timi Ama

The rocks of Timi Ama separate Simius beach from Notteri beach and when climbed, they glow orange at sunset.

I managed to get some photos of Rich and the kids in the golden hour glow which made me very happy 🙂


Timi Ama rocks looking east along Simius beach


Timi Ama rocks and beach looking west over to Notteri and Porto Guinco


Timi Ama rocks at sunset


Enjoying the sunset


Our babies on the rocks at Timi Ama


Timi Ama rocks basking in the golden sunlight


The sunset over Spiaggia di Simius

Short blog

This is just a really short blog and in all honesty nothing majorly exciting or eventful happened here. The only reason I am blogging about it is because prior to our arrival I found it difficult to find English blogs detailing the beaches of Villasimius.

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