Is this the strangest town in Montenegro?….. Rijeka Crnojevica

Whilst we were staying in Montenegro we opted to stay in a small town called Rijeka Crnojevica for a few days. Named after its river which leads to Lake Skadar it is a quiet village but seemingly popular with tourists during the day.


The bridge in Rijeka Crnojevica.

We arrived at one end of the town which we thought was nice, in a rustic way. It had the old bridge, three restaurants and an area with all the boats.  It wasn’t until we explored the town on foot that we realised just how bizarre it is!

Rijeka Crnojevica. It’s all falling down

Literally one end of the town is crumbling down around them whilst the other end is mostly still standing.  You’d have thought this would leave prime opportunity for real estate but none of the properties appear to be for sale.

We passed other properties that seemed derelict but then appeared to have people living inside.

It’s the start of wars

When we moved into our rental the girl showing us around told us that the town was start place of battles and wars and that it had a bad history. Not really the sort of thing you should tell potential tenants.

However google tells me that a war was started there but back in the 1400s… although there is a rather large and dominating memorial to those lost in WWII. It was all very strange and the town had an eerie feel to it.

Between noon and sunset the town was bustling with tourists, hikers and cyclists. What we presumed were locals had their stalls out and music blaring, but at sunset the stall holders packed up, drove off and the town was eerily quiet.


All photos taken with my Google Pixel phone.


As we walked away from the town’s three restaurants we hit upon this area that looked like wasteland. Only it wasn’t wasteland, it was supposed to be the town’s square with a basketball court next to it. The only problem was it was overgrown with weeds.

Rijeka Crnojevica

The town’s sqaure

A school?

We then discovered what could have once been a school or maybe a factory? It had a grand entrance with two sides of steps that was covered in green undergrowth and plants.

Rijeka Crnojevica

Could this be a school in Rijeka Crnojevica?

Rijeka Crnojevica

A double entranced door

The back of the building seemed to fare worse as it was now used as a rubbish disposal area.  The inside had been decorated with graffiti long before nature took over. It seemed to be full of rubbish too but really didn’t look that old.

Rijeka Crnojevica

Rijeka Crnojevica

Rijeka Crnojevica

Rijeka Crnojevica

Houses left

This house seemed to have been used as an animal shelter. Maybe a goat herder had been using it because it stank of goat/sheep and had animal excrement in it.  There are still numerous animal herders in Montenegro but I never saw any near Rijeka Crnojevica.

A bigger, grander house at the end of the village was falling down but then we discovered it was one of many.

Houses near the main square were dilapidated, crumbling down but still had people residing in them.

Rijeka Crnojevica

Houses around the main square

Rijeka Crnojevica

Houses around the main square

More modern housing in the centre of the town also seemed to be in a state of disrepair and squalor. Some looked abandoned.

Rijeka Crnojevica

Rijeka Crnojevica

Although one shop-apartment seemed to be having a make-over, the three shops next door lay empty and bare.

Some buildings were definitely empty but still in a usable condition. They had open doors which you could see into but were maybe used as storage houses or maybe were just full of junk?

This house was definitely beyond repair as it was hanging off into the street held on pitifully by some green fabric cladding.

The weirdest town ever!?

I’ve never seen a town like this before. Have you?

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