Street art in Stavanger

Street art

Stavanger is in the south-west of Norway, a small but elegant city sat on the bracing shores of the north Atlantic ocean. Although known for its old wooden houses it has more recently been dubbed the city of street art.

Stavanger hosted what is thought to be the very first street art festival in 2001, NuArt. Today, the festival attracts global artists and this year the city council donated €50,000 towards it. Stavanger is clearly a city with a modern goal!  Now the festival even has galleries at the Tou Scene arts center.

You can even book a tour of the street art with NuArt Street Tours. What better way to be introduced to Stavanger than with a guide however if you want to do it alone, here is an awesome map with all of the locations of street art.

The city

Stavanger is an interesting city; it was on the cusp of being remote and bit down trodden when the oil industry took it over. As a result the cost of living in Stavanger is HIGH. We didn’t eat out because we would have easily spent our entire weekly food budget on one meal but if you’re wanting vegan friendly food, check out HappyCow for a recent list of restaurants.

Many of the streets are cobbled and pedestrianised which gives it a rustic feel. In July many businesses close for a summer break and take off to warmer climates. many of the big shops are still open but you might want to keep an eye out for opening times.

Despite it being mid-July, the winds that whipped off the sea were painful and cold. If you’re going, be sure to take many layers and wrap up warm.

It was from here that we decided to climb Preikerstolen. If you haven’t read my post, see it here.


Camera: Nikon D800
Lens: Sigma 24-70mm



Street art

I’m not sure if this is official but it’s cute

More cute monsters

Street art

Street art in the sunset

My favourite!

Teddy bear street art

I loved you!

Rip that building down…


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