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VIDEO: Hike – Achada Do Teixera to Pico Ruivo. Madeira

Rather than take photos the kids and I decided to video our hike from Achada do Teixera to Pico Ruivo. PR 1.2 Teixera to Ruivo The hike (PR1.2) is really, really easy and especially so in comparison to our 15km hike from Pico Arieiro to Pico Ruivo! The only problem was the wind, the cloud…

The natural pools of Porto Moniz, Madeira

At the far north-westerly point of Madeira is a little community called Porto Moniz. During the summer months it is a tourist hot-spot but out of season, if you’re brave enough to take a dip, they’re virtually empty. Getting there Following the twisty turny, often single road from Santana is an experience not to miss….

An afternoon in La Zona Velha do Funchal. Old town, Madeira.

If you like a spot of history coupled with narrow cobbled streets, painted doors, flakey yellow paint on crumbling buildings and some delicious smells emanating from local restaurants than an afternoon in the old town of Funchal (la zona velha)  is definitely up your street! < – Ha, see what I did there?! Maybe stop…