VIDEO: Hike – Achada Do Teixera to Pico Ruivo. Madeira

Rather than take photos the kids and I decided to video our hike from Achada do Teixera to Pico Ruivo.

PR 1.2 Teixera to Ruivo

The hike (PR1.2) is really, really easy and especially so in comparison to our 15km hike from Pico Arieiro to Pico Ruivo! The only problem was the wind, the cloud and the visibility.

Silly Us?

As we arrived in the car park, there were other hikers all sat in their cars waiting for the wind to pass. I think we were fairly sure it wasn’t going to pass until we got higher up (and even then it didn’t) so we decided to brave the winds and walk regardless.

According to LiveTrekker we walked 5.5km in 1hr54.


Achada do Teixera hike








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