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Why horse carriage rides should be banned in Seville

I know it seems like we talk about avoiding animal cruelty a lot, and maybe we do, but it’s something we believe passionately in and want to draw attention to. I mean, why would anybody knowingly want to abuse an animal? To us, it doesn’t make sense and we hope you agree. Horse Cruelty in...

A personalised family itinerary for Seville

Before we went to Seville, I looked for some inspirational itineraries that we could possible follow during our trip. They were clearly written by young, energetic jet-setters who were able to cram as much as possible into their fifteen hour days and barely stop for a breather. So here’s our family itinerary for Seville. Fifteen...

Bike around el parque de Maria Luisa Seville

Southern Spain is already pretty hot in May, averaging about 28 degrees, so in true British spirit, mad dogs and Englishmen, at the height of the afternoon sun we went to explore el parque de Maria Luisa Seville. Here’s why you should hire bikes and do the same. El parque de Maria Luisa Seville The...

Intimate Experiences: Visiting The World’s Smallest Populations

Some of the world’s smallest populations that thrive

Huelva with Kids: What to do?

Huelva is a small city in Spain’s south-western Andalusia.  Located along the Gulf of Cádiz coast, at the confluence of the Odiel and Tinto rivers, Here’s what there is to do with kids in this corner of Spain.

How to introduce your kids to Backpacking

Since we started travelling, I have taken our three kids backpacking on three occasions, SOLO, and I plan to do more in the near future. So where have we been? Our first time was a two week trip to southern Spain. It went remarkably well so I embarked on a three month tour of South-East Asia...

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