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Hi Everyone,

We are the Pamley-Liddells; Richard, Emma, Sophie, Zach & Imogen. In May 2018 we added Hachi the Malamute to our family and then later three gorgeously cute little kittens.


About Us: Tropical Queensland beach

We are a plant-based family of mini-adventurers who are seeing the globe on a budget and chronicling our travels as go.

Our journey started out in 2011, when frustrated with working long hours, spending a fortune on childcare & spending little time together, we decided to pack up and leave the UK and head to sunny Australia in search of that famous work-life balance we so badly craved. I’m sure many of you can identify with the stressors of westernised life-style and we’re so pleased we made that plunge to change our lives for the better.

We are self-described ocean lovers and adventurous travellers and the white beaches and laid back lifestyle of Australia appealed so much to us, so we hit Western Australia and embraced everything it had to offer.


About Us: Sugba Lagoon, The Philippines

We bought a van older than us and hit the open road. Nicknamed ‘Ugly Betty’ it everything we had dreamed of but after two years, the lure of Brisbane’s charm could no longer be ignored and we packed up again and head east.

Queensland’s tropics played home for two years where we converted a camper trailer and hit those long outback roads! We discovered islands, beaches and rainforests that we had only previously dreamed of but sadly in 2015 our visa ran out and we headed back to Europe looking for a new challenge.

We landed in France and settled in Lyon but after the laid-back attitude of Australia, France seemed overbearingly strict so we made the decision to become location independent and see where the world could take us.


About Us: Red Rock Canyon, USA

Fully nomadic and with no restraints to hold us back we started to document our travels with the kids and what adventures we had! We allowed our ed-venture to teach us new skills and cultures, new perspectives and hidden depths.  We met some amazing people along the way and we visited so many new countries across the globe.

After two years we realised that something was missing in our lives though. Change had become our new stability but our kids craved their toys, really wanted some pets and they wanted to slow our travels down. Listening to our kids needs is really important to us, so in a bid to compromise we bought Hachi the dog and a house in Bulgaria where life is still slow and we can enjoy the peace it brings.

Our future plans still include travel, a lot of travel, just a different type of travel. Travel that includes a car and a dog!


About Us: Valley of Fire, USA

We’d love you to join us on our adventures as we share our highs, the pitfalls, the decisions and everything else in between.  This is our Instagram and our Facebook where we also post. We’d love it if you followed us or showered us with a few likes every now and again.


About Us: Costa Rica

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As a small child my favourite book was 'People of the World' which featured Inuits from Alaska, children from China and farmers from Peru. It was a glimpse into another world that would inspire me to wander the globe in search of something special.


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