Testing out Fever; a London based phone App

On our latest trip to London I was testing out a plethora of phone apps that could help us find cheap or (even better) free things to do as a family. I came across Fever and booked us three activities to do that each cost less than £12.

Searching and booking with FEVER

After I downloaded the app, I searched through ‘Filter’ for events to do. Many are Over 18 events so we needed to whittle those out. You can also chose via category. There is a bit of scrolling to do as it becomes more popular and more events are added.

Instead of searching there’s also a ‘Collections’ tab where pre-chosen events have been selected. I especially like the collection ‘Free Gems’ !

Booking is simple but to be on the safe side, I booked using my credit card. The payment is also secured by Paypal.

What to do if you have a problem

We encountered a mistake with one of our bookings so I rang them up and within ten minutes they had rectified the problem and offered us a full refund or another time slot to do our activity. They acknowledged that it was their mistake and were very apologetic.

What did we book?

  1. A walking tour around hidden London
  2. An immersive virtual reality experience
  3. A national Tea Day Festival

We chose an eclectic mix of events that suited all of us and gave us a good range of activities and value for money.

The walking tour around hidden London

Our walking tour lasted for about two (and a half) hours around some of the hidden spots in London. It was a fascinating tour and the man taking us was very knowledgeable and engaging. All of the locations are easy to find but I never would have considered looking for them. It taught us a lot about London’s history which is not something we knew about.Zach & Imogen, 8 & 7, were a bit bored towards the end but entertained themselves by running around.

Together we rated this as 4.5/5.


Meeting Hodge the cat.

The immersive VR experience

Clearly this is one that appealed to the kids the most. I didn’t even book one for me! Each experience lasted approximately five minutes and each child said it was realistic and quite scary. The warehouse was easy to find and the staff were really nice.  This location also offer laser-tag on an individual price basis – no group required. So we stayed longer and the kids played laser-tag (for an additional cost).

We ranked this experience 3.5/5.

The National Tea Day Festival

We ALL REALLY enjoyed this.  The hotel roof top that it took place in was super-swanky and even had flamingos in a pool. We were able to meet a number of start-up tea companies who all had great products, which we sampled and bought. We had an awesome time here, everyone was very friendly and welcoming, we chatted to stall holders, sampled vegan pastries, watched the flamingos, sat in the gardens and had a great time.

We ranked this 5/5.


Tea Rex Stall

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