How To Store Travel Details & Share Them

Most of the time when I book our travel, the husband Richard is not with us as he can work away anywhere between 12 days and three weeks a month. Booking travel can be stressful enough but throw in a husband who’s not around much, three homeschooled kids and a busy itinerary and details can easily go astray. The last thing I want is to lose travel details, turn up on a wrong day or forget to tell Rich where he needs to meet us. So how do we do it? If you’re looking for organisational tips on how to store and keep track of travel details and even share them with family members, read on for our top tips.



My Phone Is Essential

Although I am still really a pen and pencil type of person (I plan everything on paper in a hand-drawn calendar so I can see it laid out), my phone holds every bit of essential information I need.

Located in my Gmail account, I usually have every booking email stored in easy-to-find folders but this too convoluted for me. I don’t want to be checking all of my email and lots of different booking apps to see the details.

There is also one much easier way to store and share travel info and that’s by using TripIt!


A screenshot of the app TripIt

Using The App TripIt

In a nutshell, TripIt is a travel organising app that automatically creates an itinerary for every trip so you can access all your travel plans, anytime, on any device and share them.

After you’ve downloaded the app, you simply forward all your accommodation, flight, car rental, restaurant confirmation emails or even gig ticket emails to [email protected] and the App stores the information nicely into itineraries.

What I love the most about it is that you can access it offline. If you want to know more, head over here to watch the video.

Upgrade To TripIt Pro

As budget travellers we use the free version of TripIt however there is a paid version that you can use too.

Now for us, it doesn’t make sense to have it because in order to get the full use, it requires connectivity which we often don’t have.

What do you get from the pro version? Real-time flights alerts, change and book new flights, flight refunds and updating people on your flight details. You also get access to perks like lounge buddy and CLEAR.


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You Can Add More Than One Email Address

The free version of the App has the ability to recognise more than one email address which means that more than one source can add to the plans.

We find this helpful because Rich books *many* flights for work and I often struggle to know when he’ll be around and if our plans will coincide.

I know people will criticise us and say it’s a terrible reflection of our modern-day life that we use an app instead of communicating but I promise you that we still communicate verbally. It’s just I often don’t remember what he’s told me!


So, have we convinced you to give it a go? You can download the Android Version or the Apple Version for free.

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Why we use and LOVE TripIt to organise and communicate travel plans.

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