“I don’t want to travel anymore” – What our child actually meant when she said no more travelling

Our youngest child is seven and by many respects she is the most mature of all three. She is articulate, thoughtful, generous and loving. So imagine my horror when she came to me with a pained look and said

I don’t want to travel anymore Mummy

As a family we try to listen to our children and incorporate their needs into our nomadic lifestyle. We give them choices and let then make decisions. So when she said this to me, my heart flew into my mouth and trying not to feel too sad, I said to her

How come baby?

Slowly and calmly we talked about how she was feeling and we started off by looking at all the things she really liked about our travels.

What does she like?

She loves:

going to different countries (this kind of perplexed me but I kept quiet), learning about different people, seeing all the cool buildings and gardens, swimming, learning about different cultures, meeting new people, the sunshine.

She likes:

some of the food but being vegan is hard and sometimes tiring, staying in interesting houses, hiking, biking and the trains, finding rocks and bugs,

Say what?!

By this stage I was a little confused. She’s listed everything that I think is fun, so why does she want to stop travelling? Does the bad really outweigh the good?

What she doesn’t like

She hates:


She dislikes:

rushing around quickly, not having many friends.


So it transpired, much to my relief, that she actually LOVES travelling and she ADORES what we’re doing but she hates the flying!!

Time to change our plans

I am not a big flyer and I’ve never really enjoyed it but when you’re travelling it does help enormously. We sat down as a family and proposed a few changes in the way we travel and the kids were all enormously relieved they didn’t have to fly again.  It transpires we just did too much flying in too short a space of time and they didn’t want to do it again.

They would also all like to have a chance to make friends

So, what now?

Well we have a few proposals that we’ve made and they include:

  1. Buying a car or a van and really slow travelling, mostly Europe
  2. Carry on flying but spending longer in each country
  3. Find world/homeschooling communities that we could fit in with
  4. Find alternative schools that they could attend for a term or two with
  5. Settle down for half of the year and travel for the other half

What have we decided?

At the moment we haven’t decided on anything concrete but we will be spending much longer in our next block of countries!   I guess it’s a ‘watch this space’ to see what we decide.

If you’ve been through this challenge, leave us a comment below and let us know how you tackled it.

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