Sun Bum Sunscreen Reef Safe Approved Hawaii

Testing multiple types of reef-safe sunscreen and pitching them against the trusty UV Top. Here is a list of Sum Bum Sunscreen Reef Safe creams, Approved for Hawaii & tested on kids in North Africa & Europe.


The 3 natural suncreams we tested in Croatia.

Sunscreen Reef Safe Approved Hawaii

The five creams we chose to test were Elta MD UV Clear, Alteya Organic,  Goddess Garden Organics Kids, Omuci’s Nothing To Hide & Jason Kid’s Natural Sunscreen.

These have been tested repeatedly over the last 5 years (thanks Covid!) with our kids who were then aged 8 and above and who are now getting really grown up (one even left home!).



Alteya Organics SPF 30: Reef Friendly Sunscreen

This Altaya Organic Wholebody is rated as SPF30 and is particularly thick. I would recommend it only as an upper body cream and possibly only for the nose and shoulders. It feels a little bit like clay, is heavy on the skin, smells a bit like zinc and leaves a grey-coloured residue in the pores.

However, it is brilliant for preventing burned noses & it’s very easy to see when it needs reapplying. Rich and the kids used this cream on their faces for the first few days we were in Croatia and after that sporadically on their noses if we were out all day walking in Bosnia. Zach also used it recently (on his face) at CCF camp on Merseyside and came back with a lovely tan.

If I was going somewhere particularly hot and hadn’t seen sunshine in a while and wanted to keep my face protected, I’d take this, especially for the kids.

It costs anywhere upwards of £16, is available on Amazon Prime and comes as a 90mm tube.

  • Scent: 3*
  • Application: 3*
  • Shine: 5*
  • Value for money 4*

EltaMD UV Clear SPF46: Approved Sunscreen For Hawaii

This EltaMD UV Clear is rated as SPF46 and is designed specifically for faces although I also use it on my neck, chest and top of my shoulders.  It has a very light feel, rubs in with no effort and leaves no visible traces of application. The one I use is mildly tinted although Rich & the kids also use it and you can’t tell it’s tinted.  You don’t need to wash your hands after application although I’d recommend reapplication if you’re going into the sea.

This is my favourite cream as it doesn’t look like a cream at all and is just so light my skin doesn’t feel clogged up. That being said it is also the most expensive.

It costs anywhere upwards of £30, is available on Amazon Prime and comes as a 48g bottle. Even though I use it sparingly it hasn’t run out and I’ve had it for over a year!

  • Scent: 5*
  • Application: 5*
  • Shine: 5*
  • Value for money 3*

Goddess Garden Organics SPF30: Reef Safe Sunscreen

The Goddess Garden Organics Kids is rated as a SPF30 and is designed and marketed specifically for kids. It has a mild citrus scent, is thin to touch, easy to apply but it dried quickly, leaving white streaks on the skin. Using too much resulted in a vibrant white shine across the skin and a need to wash your hands after application. We noted on the adults that the cream would get stuck on body hair, especially arms and leave a white dry residue. We reapplied it after being in the sea as it felt easy to wash off and my shoulders started to go red. Instructions recommend re-application after being in the water.
It costs anywhere upwards of £15, is available on Amazon Prime and comes in a 170g tube.

  • Scent: 4*
  • Application: 3*
  • Shine: 2*
  • Value for money 4*


Garden Goddess Organics Kids

Omuci’s Nothing To Hide: Reef Safe SPF 30

The Omuci’s Nothing To Hide has a soft but flowery scent, a bit like weak shampoo. A little of this delicate cream definitely goes a long way. It rubs straight into the skin with no signs of residue and no shine. It left us with smooth skin and no signs of stickiness. It wore well in the water and under makeup. It’s very light, feels great and I’ve bought 3 of these now.

It costs £9, comes in a 100ml tube and is available on Amazon Prime.

  • Application: 5*
  • Scent: 4*
  • Shine: 5*
  • Value for money 5*

If they’re sold out on Amazon their website is Omuci

Jason Kid’s Natural Sunscreen SPF45: Reef Friendly

The Jason Kids Suncream actually comes as SPF45 which is SPF15 more than the other two (although the Omuci is available in a SPF50). With a faint banana smell, it rubs into the skin easily with no obvious sign of white residue. However, it did leave the skin noticeably shiny. It did well in water but Rich had to re-apply it frequently (he has ginger like skin though that burns frequently).

It cost £21.44 and comes in a 113g tube. It is not eligible for Amazon Prime.

  • Scent: 5*
  • Application: 4*
  • Shine: 4*
  • Value for money 3*

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Pink & purple rashie UV top from Mountain Warehouse

UV (Rash) Tops Vs Sun Bum Sunscreen Reef Safe

We have used long-sleeved, UV Rash tops since we arrived in Australia in 2011 & throughout all of our travels. I think they’re wonderful; totally practical and they cover nearly all of the top half of the body however the kids often complain that they’re cumbersome and that they get heavy with too much water. In short, they prefer not to wear them although this is often not negotiable.

Side Note: They still wear them occasionally & they’re 14 & 12.

We bought their tops from a company called Mountain Warehouse. Each cost £7.99. Bargain!! They have been thoroughly used and abused and two years on, they’re both still in good condition.

Neither child burnt whilst wearing these and they’re clearly the preferred option (by us) for long periods in the sun although sun cream is still needed for the back of the neck, face and legs.

You can purchase the pink one below (and other colours) directly from Mountain Warehouse with this link. 

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Sun Bum Sunscreen reef Safe

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