Staycation With Kids: Family Staycations Narrowboat On The UK’s Canals

A Narrowboat Staycation With Kids

Are you considering a staycation this year and you’re looking for something a little different, maybe a cheap staycation with kids? Have you considered staying on a narrowboat on the UK’s plethora of canals? Here are some staycation ideas for families.


staycation with kids
Staycation with kids on a narrowboat

Why A Narrowboat?

After we’d finished in Wales (visiting the Big Pit) the kids and I (Emma) had nowhere to go. Rich had to be in London for a week but we were really enjoying the lush green rolling hills of the British countryside. The prospect of London didn’t appeal so we hit AirBNB looking for something a bit different and unusual and this is what we found, a narrowboat! If you’re looking for a staycation with kids this year and you’ve run out of ideas, this could be the perfect scenario.

Staycation With Kids
A narrowboat: Staycation With Kids

What’s A Narrowboat?

Typically (between the 18th-20th century) narrow boats were less than 7 ft (2.1 metres) wide with a maximum length of 70 ft (21.3 metres) and steered with a tiller rather than a wheel. The very precise measurements relate to the length of the locks and obviously for transportation purposes the boats needed to be shorter than the locks.

Nowadays modern narrowboats come in all sorts of sizes and some are significantly shorter than 70 foot/21.3 metres so they can fit on a range of Britain’s canals and rivers.

Staycation With Kids
Narrow boats at sunset

Have A Staycation On The Canals Of The UK

There are now about 2,200 miles (3,500 km) of navigable canals and rivers throughout the United Kingdom. Most of the canals are linked into a single English and Welsh network. These are

  • Bristol to London.
  • Liverpool to Goole (Leeds).
  • Lancaster to Ripon
  • as well as connecting the Irish Sea, the North Sea and the estuaries of the Humber, Thames, Mersey, Severy and Ribble.
  • There are also several through-routes not connected to the main network which link Glasgow to Edinburgh via the Falkirk Wheel and Inverness to Fort William via Loch Ness.
Staycation With Kids
A narrow boat sailing past: Staycation With Kids

More Things To Know About The UK Canals

If you’re interested in knowing more about canals of the UK, I found this informative article  which identified that there are more boats on Britain’s canals now than at the height of the industrial revolution and that Birmingham has more miles of canals than Venice.

Do People Really Live Aboard Narrowboats?

It’s estimated that there are around 35,000 narrowboats in the UK with approximately 10,000 people living on them in London alone. As the prices of houses outstrip wages, the growth of people looking for alternative ways to live is increasing.

According to the Canal & River Trust, the charity that maintains England and Wales’ inland waterways, 26% of today’s 35,000 boats are now used as primary residences.

Staycation With Kids
The narrowboat we stayed on: Staycation With Kids

How Much Does A Narrowboat Cost To Buy

A second-hand narrowboat of 300 sq ft in reasonable condition can cost £19-30,000, or £100 per sq ft. If you commit to moving every two weeks (over a distance of at least 20 miles in a year), there is no need to pay any mooring fees, which can otherwise cost in the region of £12,000 per year in London.

An annual boat licence from the Canal & River Trust costs about £700-1000. You will also need insurance (about £200 a year), as well as a willingness to live simply and to relish outdoor life.

Narrow boat
The inside of the boat

You Could Wak Up To The Quiet Ripples Of Water

Waterside living was wonderful. We awoke to the rippling reflections of sunlight above our heads as the birds sang their morning chorus. We fed birds and marine life from the open side window and some people even dive off the front porch for a swim. We weren’t that brave. If you’re the type of person who likes a connection to nature, you’d love living on a narrowboat.

Technically you can cast off your mooring ropes and cruise anywhere – although we weren’t allowed to take the boat out some of the boats do allow you to move.

I think it would be immensely cool to live aboard one of these. Your home is no longer a place of bricks and mortar. It is not simply your dwelling place, it is also your means of transport. You can be a nomad.

Narrow boat
Swans on the canal

What About Motion Sickness?

Even when moving these boats only have a maximum speed of about 5mph. With few waves and only a small body of water, it’s unlikely you’ll feel motion sickness.

When they’re tied up the swell of boats passing is minimal and although you can feel a small bob, it’s often not noticeable.

Narrow boat
Sunset from the boat

A Simple Staycation For Families

Our boat had a fire, a dishwasher, a washing machine, a fully functioning kitchen with an oven, a bathroom with a toilet and a hot shower as well as two bedrooms.  It also had a TV, a DVD player and a wifi dongle.

There was nothing we missed or wanted for and as a self-confessed pixie (I’m 5ft/1.5m tall) the boat was a perfect size for me.

Although we could eat inside in the kitchen, we chose to eat our meals outside and soak up the early spring sunshine.

Narrow boat
The back bedroom
Narrow boat
The living room fire
Narrow boat
Fully kitted kitchen
Narrow boat
Main bedroom
A Narrowboat Staycation With Kids
Playing games outside: A Narrowboat Staycation With Kids

A Staycation With Kids Where You’re Guaranteed A Sunset

Our boat faced north so in the morning we could watch the sunrise (if we got up early enough which we never did) and the evenings meant we could lean over the side of the boat and watch the sunset behind the fields and hills. The waterways provided us with calm and tranquillity and a fantastic opportunity to be free in nature. Perfect for wild children!

Since we stayed in one of these I have been busy checking them out and we even hired one for the day recently and went on the canals around Chesire.

Narrow boat
Sunset with the swans
A Narrowboat Staycation With Kids
Narrow boat

Can You Make A Friend Like Mr Swan?

There were a number of swans on the canal; three pairs and a lone male. We were intrigued to discover over the course of a week that they have personalities; each very individual. They also have different markings and some can communicate vocally.

Narrow boat
Two pairs of swans
Narrow boat
Five swans

One particular male swan was very protective of his female and would collect food from us and give it to her! It was the young male swan who became my companion though. He would visit me a number of times and day and even talk to me. They are fascinating creatures.

Narrow boat
Mr Swan
A Narrowboat Staycation With Kids
Mr Swan. A Narrowboat Staycation With Kids

The NarrowBoats Name: It’s Never Enough

The boat we stayed on was called ‘It’s Never Enough’ and we found it listed on Airbnb in Gloucestershire.  If you’d like £15 in travel credit from AirBNB please sign up and use this code

Staycation With Kids
Never Enough! Staycation With Kids

Check Out These Enviable Narrow Boats

Have a look at these enviable boats on Instagram.

Fancy Your Own Family Staycation Narrowboat Adventure?

You can no longer stay on IT’S NEVER ENOUGH in Gloucestershire but you could choose other narrowboats canals too. I found these dotted gorgeous staycation narrowboats around the UK, including some in Scotland.

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