Our Journey

In 2011, frustrated with working long hours, spending a fortune on childcare & spending little time together, Emma, Rich, Sophie, Zach & Imogen left the UK in search of that famous work-life balance they so badly craved.

Self described ocean lovers and adventurous travellers, the white beaches and laid back lifestyle of Australia appealed so flew out and embraced everything it had to offer.

In 2015 the family's Aussie visa ran out and they headed back to Europe looking for a new challenge.

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Your Journey

If you like learning about new cultures, tasting new foods and trying out new languages, then you already have lots in common with us!

Are you an independent adventurer, like creating your own holidays, want to break away from the tourist traps and are looking for reliable & meaningful travel tips? Then follow along and we promise to try our best to inspire you.

We love to protect the environment as much as we can, eat lots of veggies, live dangerously, hike, canoe, swim and jump into crazy waterfalls. We really hope that you like these things too?

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