9 Quarantine Games For Kids To Play During Lockdown

lockdown games

So you’ve made it to week three of lockdown! Tempers are starting to fray, the wine has been drunk, you’re eyeing the gin, how can you make lockdown more fun whilst you cannot travel? Play games about travel, of course. Here’s a range of quarantine games for kids ad families that we’re playing and love.


lockdown games
Games to play during quarantine

This little game fits in the palm of your hand and you must remember up to six facts about a country within ten seconds by looking at the tiny cards. It’s actually much harder than it sounds as you’re quizzed on everything from colours to oceans.

I’m surprised by how much all of my kids love this memory game. It takes up a table and you’ll need to allow at least thirty minutes for each game. You get a world map and two hundred cards to help you memorise country’s flags and locations.

Perfect for kids of any age and ability is this small pack of travel snap cards. No explanation really necessary. Fifty-two cards where you can match food, features and landmarks to countries. Takes up very little space and fills some time.

A brilliant board game for those really missing globe-trotting. What we like is its adaptability to ages and knowledge bases and the ability to do better by jumping mountains. This game is literally a race through the world.

Who can remember the wonders of each country? A game for all the family as up to twelve players can join in, in up to two teams. Loads of cards over six continents.

For individual kids, this quiz book takes them across the world one question at a time using colouring, wordsearches, flags and written questions. This book involves reading and writing and is recommended up to the age of twelve.

Where On Earth is recommended for older kids (although our ten-year plays with no problem) where you must guess the country from the five clues given. It comes in a nifty little tin and fits in backpacks nicely – although we obviously haven’t got anywhere to go right now!

This is the biggest game (physically and question wise) we own at the moment I think. it’s a giant trivia of over a thousand questions with a double-sided board of two maps. What we love about this game is that you all must play at once so there’s no need for turn taking. All questions can be made easier by turning the question card over so it’s perfect for all people who can read.

We bought this before we started exploring Africa because no previous knowledge is required. You learn as you play! Simple for two players, much more taxing for five. You really need to concentrate. You can buy more than one version of Mapominoes and pair them all up, taking up the entire room!

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Quarantine games to play with your kids during lockdown

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