Getting to the other side of Caye Caulker with Koko King

Once upon a time Caye Caulker was one island but thanks to two very large hurricanes in the 1960s and 1990s, the island was ripped apart and divided into two.  The southern part of the island is the most inhabited. It has a power station, a medical centre, shops, restaurants, a ton of hotels and at just 4 miles long it’s one of the most densely populated places I’ve ever been to. Here’s how you can get to the other side with Koko King.

Belize Caye Caulker

The Lazy Lizard to the right and south Caye Caulker

The Other Side!

In comparison the northern island is a nature reserve, has just a sprinkling of residential buildings (although these are on the increase) and one hotel complex; Koko King.

You might stand at The Lazy Lizard and glance across The Split and think to yourself ‘I could swim that easily’. DON’T! Don’t even try. The current that runs between the two islands is extremely strong and many people have required rescuing from its waters.

There is a much easier way! How!? You catch a free boat!

Where & when to find the boat?

There are only three main roads on Caye Caulker; the back, the front and the middle road.

The boat Koko King leaves every half hour on the o’clock and half past at the dock at the end of Calle de Sol. This dock is directly opposite the Belize San Pedro water taxi dock.

The last boat back to southern Caye Caulker is at sunset. Do not miss the boat otherwise you’ll need to spend the night at Koko King lol.

Caye Caulker with kids

Koko King on the right

The Koko King Boats

There are actually two different boats; one is a large passenger ferry type boat with seating for about 50 and the other is a smaller, single engine powered boat with seating for about 10. Depending on the number of passengers you could use either boat over to Koko King.

koko king

The sunset from Caye Caulker

How much does it cost?

The boat is free if you agree to spend more than 10$ Belizean at the bar per person. In exchange for spending money at the bar you’re given a wrist band which entitles you to a free boat trip.

Koko King

Sunset from Koko King

What does the bar serve?

The bar serves a selection of wine, beer and cocktails as well as fresh fruit smoothies and general fizzy drinks.

There is also a restaurant which serves mostly fish fast food but there are some veggie options (just remember to say no mayo for vegan).

Koko King

Sunset from Koko King

What is there to do?

It’s a beach resort so…  There are sun beds, a beach, you can swim, hang out in the bar, bounce on the inflatables, swing over the sea, chill in the shaded areas & play on the rubber rings. I think there were canoes to rent as well.

Koko King is MUCH quieter than the Lazy Lizard, it attracts an older and less roudy crowd, there’s no loud speaker or MC and the music is more chilled.

Video from our time at Koko King

Here’s a little video of our time on Koko King.

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How to get to the norther part of Caye Caulker & visit KOKO KING!

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