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Living In Lyon: 24 things I learned from living in France

My own #emilyinparis experience from living in Lyon.

  • Cynthia Gibling - 8:15 am

    wow! That is some eye opener. Thanks.

  • Emma - 11:28 am

    I think it so much depends on where you chose to live. My parents live in the Charente and have an amazingly supportive network of ex-pats. Plus they know people who have set up businesses to help ex-pats adjust to France. They are privy to much inside info which is not readily available usually. Yesterday I discovered that had we gone and registered ourselves with the local Mairie, that we would have received a welcome pack, been welcomed into the community with other ‘new arrivals’ and been on the mailing list. One of the things I’ve found so hard here is that I never know what’s going on until it’s happened. Get yourself on the mailing list and you’ll find out!!