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VIDEO: Les Cascades. Zach’s birthday water-park. Trévoux, France

I’ve previously written about some of our frustrations of being based in France and really how child un-friendly it can be.  One of our biggest struggles was knowing what to do with the kids on their birthdays as we found France so limiting. Luckily for us, this water park in Trevoux came recommended by one of…

Essential phrases for vegans visiting France

Being vegan in France is hard work and it isn’t made any easier by devious restaurateurs trying to brush veganism off as a joke. You can see my previous posts on this subject here and here. Can I swap… Unlike other countries, French chefs do not take kindly to you asking if you can substitute meat…

A last minute summer dip at Lac des Sapins, Beaujolais

We’d just got back from a massive road trip around Europe; 10 countries in 31 days but we still had a few days of holidays left. We ventured north of Lyon to the Beaujolais region and Lac des Sapins so we could take a dip in the eco lake. Read on if you want to…

Living In Lyon: 24 things I learned from living in France

My own #emilyinparis experience from living in Lyon.

  • Cynthia Gibling - 8:15 am

    wow! That is some eye opener. Thanks.

  • Emma - 11:28 am

    I think it so much depends on where you chose to live. My parents live in the Charente and have an amazingly supportive network of ex-pats. Plus they know people who have set up businesses to help ex-pats adjust to France. They are privy to much inside info which is not readily available usually. Yesterday I discovered that had we gone and registered ourselves with the local Mairie, that we would have received a welcome pack, been welcomed into the community with other ‘new arrivals’ and been on the mailing list. One of the things I’ve found so hard here is that I never know what’s going on until it’s happened. Get yourself on the mailing list and you’ll find out!!