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Swimming in Volcanic Hot Springs in Berastagi, Sumatra

After hiking the volcano Sibayak we were taken to an authentic Sumatran volcanic, hot springs to soak away our troubles. Read on if you want to know where we went and how much it cost. Volcanic Activity Indonesia and its 17,504 islands are a hot bed of seismic activity! Sumatra, one of Indonesia’s islands, sits…

The red zone ghost villages of Sinabung, Sumatra

Only a handful of daredevil adventurers have been to see these ghost towns! If you want to see an erupting volcano and visit some red zone, ghost villages, then you’ll need to visit Mount Sinabung in Sumatra. Read on to see how! Where on earth is Sumatra? Sumatra is the most northerly island of Indonesia….

How to trek Sibayak Volcano with kids ALONE

As we had no car (stupid mistake) and no mode of transport in Berastagi, Sumatra we decided to hire a tour guide to hike us up the active Sibayak Volcano, visit a ghost town near Sinabung and take us for a dip in the hot springs. Why I wouldn’t choose our guide again To cut…