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Sungai Pinang Village; Why you should visit

Sungai Pinang is an isolated fishing village on the coast of western Sumatra; Indonesia’s most northerly island. However, it is not a place that you might just happen upon by mistake, it’s incredibly secluded and the roads make it a challenge and pretty inaccessible. In fact, I would say it’s easier to get there by…

Authentic Sumatra Turtle Project: How adorable are baby turtles!

The Authentic Sumatra Turtle Project is located on an incredibly secluded (aka challenging to reach) section of Western Sumatra.  Bordering the idyllic Indian Ocean, we spent a week there this summer getting to know the people and the village of Nagari Sungai Pinang. Here’s how you can visit and spend time with these adorable turtles…

The red zone ghost villages of Sinabung, Sumatra

Only a handful of daredevil adventurers have been to see these ghost towns! If you want to see an erupting volcano and visit some red zone, ghost villages, then you’ll need to visit Mount Sinabung in Sumatra. Read on to see how! Where on earth is Sumatra? Sumatra is the most northerly island of Indonesia….