Where to eat vegan in Mahahual Mexico

Being vegan in Mahahual was incredibly challenging and very costly. Each meal cost us around 400-500 pesos which is roughly £15-19/$21-26.  So in a bid to save money we attempted to only eat two meals a day and buy our own fruit and vegetables but this in itself was just as expensive. Here’s out top tips on vegan in Mahahual.


vegan in Mahahual
Being vegan in Mahahual

Top tip for Mahahual

We stayed in a hotel in Mahahual called Blue Kay Eco Resort. Hotels are fine for short stays but even then they’re a challenge for vegan families.

What we should have done was rent a house with a kitchen and bought produce before we got to Mahahual. I know this is not good for the local economy but Mahahual is not budget friendly for families staying in hostels or hotels.

Here’s some of the places we found that had vegan food.

Vegan in Mahahual: Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes

Nam Nam

Nam-Nam serves up vegetarian burgers, tacos and burritos which can be made vegan by removing the cheese and mayo.

A meal for four of us, including smoothies, cost 400-500 pesos.

Quinto Sole

This is a hotel owned by the Koox chain which serves vegetarian and vegan breakfasts.

They serve fresh juice as well home-made bread and jam.  The breakfast tacos are very spicy but delicious.

The cost for four breakfasts was 460 pesos.

Matan Qa’an

This is another hotel owned by the Koox chain. We popped in for a quick lunch with their bar menu (not restaurant menu). We had vegetarian tacos without cheese or mayonnaise and they were totally bemused. The entire kitchen staff came out of the kitchen to look at us and laugh.

It was cheap though and it filled a hole!

300 pesos

El Fuerte

This place is a mock Italian, family owned restaurant. They offer vegetarian dishes which can be made vegan. They even made me vegan tacos especially.

The cost for four meals and four waters was 570 pesos.

Sul u’mar (Sulumar)

This place is a fish restaurant and is run by a local family. They sell vegetarian burritos (for vegan ask for no cheese and no mayonnaise) which are by far the nicest and biggest in Mahahual.

The price for four to eat here was roughly 500 pesos.


I didm’t eat here but the menu says they sell vegetable curry & rice, tomato pasta, potatoes, french fries, onion rings, nacho & guacamole, vegetable fajitas and salad.

Vegan in Mahahual: Shops

Fruit shop

This place is expensive and he charged me a lot more than the Mexican who went in front of me, however it is the only place actually within Mahahual that sells fresh fruit and veg. You can pick up a range of fresh fruit and salad as well as bagged tortilla wraps, juices and some cans of dried goods.

La Jarochita

This shop is next to the fruit and veg place and only seems to sell dried and canned goods.

La Dolce Vita

The ice-lollies, smoothies and juices are vegan.

20-55 pesos.

Frutas y Verduras

This is on the very straight road leading OUT of Mahahual. The first time we passed it was closed but the second time it was open. It looked large and well stocked. I didn’t stop though and can’t give an exact location.

Mini Super Bere

Not in Mahahual and a very small shop only selling dried and canned goods. Few fresh goods, if any.

Vegan in Mahahual: Bakery

La Tartaleta Panaderia

Bakery which sells wholegrain bread, baguettes, non-vegan cakes, vegetarian panini’s.

For your info

There is NO ATM within Mahahual, you have to drive about ten minutes to a hotel called Hotel Costa Maya. It is a Santander machine which means it doesn’t accept foreign debit cards. It does accept credit cards though and charges 41 pesos.

Map of where to eat Vegan in Mahahual

Where Can You Stay In Mahahual

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