Turtles, Fish & Reefs: Mahahual Eco Tours

We spent our last few days of being in Mexico in Mahahual which is a small fishing port south of Cancun on the Costa Maya.  In a bid to ever escape the tourists we picked a town that doesn’t always have a mass influx of ‘extranjeros’ and we stumbled upon Victor from Mahahual Eco Tours.


Mahahual Ecotours

What is there to do there?

Mahahual is a small and remote town that sits halfway between the mega touristy resorts of Cancun and the lesser-known but sumptuous lake of Bacalar, close to the Belizean border.

With plenty of isolated beaches to explore, if you’re looking for a semi-adventurous beach holiday, Mahahual would be perfect.

We came across this company called Mahahual EcoTours that offer eco-excursions on both land and sea; kayaking; snorkelling; scuba diving; exploring Mayan ruins; Mayan crafting; bird watching and jungle tours.

Sadly we only had time to do one tour – we really wanted to do them all – and given our love for the ocean, it’s no surprise that we chose to go snorkelling.  I’m hoping one day we’ll be back to try out the other excursions he offers.


Mahahual Ecotours

The morning after the storm

The night before our tour, a huge and ugly storm ravaged the coastline. Our accommodation of wooden shacks leaked, dripping water over us and our clothes and we managed just a few hours of sleep before dawn.

The weather looked miserable, the clouds dark and foreboding and it wasn’t that warm either. This was such a change to the weather as we’d had superb sunshine all week but we were determined to hit the ocean and see what we could see.


Ray swimming in the waters

Meeting Victor from Mahahual Eco Tours

Our tour guide was the owner of the company, Victor Rosales, who speaks fluent English.

If you’re looking for a passionate local about the Yucatan environment and the education of both locals and tourists, then you’ve definitely found your guy!

Victor collected us from our accommodation in town and took us over to meet a local fisherman whose boat we would use to reach the reef. He provided all of our gear and a second guide to help with the kids. Sadly he couldn’t do anything about the weather but we were determined to get the most out of our last day in Mahahual.

Mahaual Eco tours

Victor from Mahaual Eco tours

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Why choose Mahaual Eco Tours?

  1. Benefit from a private tour that focuses on your interests and what you want to do, see and learn.
  2. Because it’s a private tour, you’re a person not a number in a herd.
  3. All the tours are focused on the Yucatan whether it’s nature, history, culture or tradition.
  4. Victor is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the Yucatan and it makes all the difference having a local guide you.
  5. Because it’ll be a small group and Victor knows his stuff, you’ll leave a minimal environmental impact.
  6. You’re investing money directly into the community.

Check out this gallery of photos from his website showing the array of nature you might see if you choose an experience with him.

Mahahual Eco Tours

Mahahual Eco Tours

Video from our time on the water

How to book Mahahual Eco Tours

Just in case our video didn’t convince you to book Mahahual Eco Tours, here is Victor’s promotional video. Head over to his website, Facebook or Instagram page to send him a message.

Where Could You Stay In Mahahual?

If you’re looking for ideas on where to stay in Mahahual, us this map to help you plan.

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Looking for things to do on the Costa Maya? Mahahual Eco Tours provides tailor-made tours in Spanish and English. Very kid friendly and perfect for adventurous families.

Mexico, the country of every possibility

We absolutely loved our four weeks in Mexico. If you’re looking for inspiration have a look at the posts below. Alternatively, if you fancy heading south to Belize, it’s super simple of a ferry!

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