20 reasons to take kids to the Eden Project


We first visited The Eden Project in 2006 with our eldest daughter for her 3rd birthday. We fell in love with it, bought a year’s pass but were unable to return until 2018!! Twelve years on it is more magnificent than I remember and a firm favourite with all of our kids who adored it and insisted we visit twice.

Eden Project Cornwall
Eden Project stage with the two domes behind

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We loved the Eden Project so much & we want to convince you to go too.

Here are 20 reasons why we think you should definitely visit The Eden Project in Cornwall:

  1. The Eden Project is totally unique. I don’t think you’ll find anything else like it in the rest of the Uk, let alone the world.
    Eden Project
    The Eden Project in Cornwall welcomes you


  2. Tickets include free entrance for a YEAR! That’s a bargain.
    Poppy head at the Eden Project
  3. The site where it sits was once a really ugly clay mine: China clay mines are on the surface of the land and they are landscape changing in a hideous and destructive way. The Eden Project fills 35 acres of abandoned china clay pits. When you see the transformation photo, which is at the entrance, it will blow your mind.
    The biomes
  4. In between the two Biomes, there are hands-on exhibits about plants, the environment, several cafes, the educational centre, a juice station, a restaurant and a gift shop. There’s free WiFi throughout and kids can enter the site through a secret entrance via a slide. You can’t get better than that.
    Colourful flowers. Things to do in Cornwall
    Outdoor trails
  5. There were 230 miles of scaffolding used to build the Eden Project biomes which earned an entry into the Guinness Book of Records.
    Tropical biome
  6. One of the biomes contains the world’s largest indoor rain-forest. The biome is 50 metres (165 feet) high and has mangrove swamps, fruiting banana trees, a Malaysian hut with a vegetable plot and paddy field, cola and cocoa plants, a soya plantation, pineapples, nuts, spices and even a waterfall. It’s also the home to the Titan arum – the world’s largest and stinkiest flower. It takes six years to bloom. Watch a video of the Titan Arum flowering.
    The view from the top of the biome.
  7. The Rainforest Canopy Walkway is a beautiful treetop walk, high up in the steam and heat where you can look down on the rainforest below. Be prepared to swelter up there but it is definitely worth going up. The view over the Biome is magnificent.
    Tropical birds wandering around
  8. The Mediterranean Biome is home to over 1000 plant species and a restaurant featuring Mediterranean dishes.
    The Mediterranean biome
  9. There are daily story sessions in the Mediterranean dome between 12-2 pm where smaller kids can listen to tales and fables told by a group of storytellers. The sessions last for about 15 minutes and take place by the Citrus Grove.
    Boy running through water spray
    Running through water
  10. The outdoors Eden Project garden contains over 3000 plant species spread over 20 acres of garden. If you walk along the pathways you can enjoy miles of flowers, plants and their pollinators.
    Tropical flower, Cornwall
  11. Invisible Worlds is a NEW permanent exhibition that reveals a world beyond your senses – too big, too small, too fast, too slow, too far away in space and time, uncovering the true and extraordinary story of life on Earth.
    Giant bee statue, Eden, Cornwall
    Giant bee statue
  12. The garden is home to some weird and wonderful sculptures. Among the plants, you can meet Eve, the Giant Bee, and a huge steel man.
    Flower gardens, Cornwall
    Eden Project
  13. If you’re looking for learning packs for your kids, you can download and print nine directly from the website and take them with you.
    Pink carnations
  14. It’s also a great place to learn more about the environment and can help teach your kids more about plant life, where their food comes from and how to protect the environment.Eden
  15. Eden has England’s longest zipline! For older kids, they can fly across the park on England’s longest and fastest zip wire, take a freefall jump, plummet in a giant swing or do a 360-degree loop in a swing.
    Boy taking photos, Cornwall
    A brilliant place to teach kids how to take photos.
  16. There are themed events according to the seasons, workshops for adults and children, activity days, music concerts… It seems endless. Eden
  17. You can even spend the night (or two) on-site with the YHA.
    Art in Cornwall
    Kangaroo feet
  18. As well as a visitor attraction,The Eden Project is an educational charity. The money raised supports all sorts of great causes, from preserving rain-forests across the globe and conserving Britain’s wildlife, to helping tackle isolation amongst local senior citizens through a weekly lunch club. You can even complete part of a degree or educational achievements there. By visiting, you’re supporting the charity and enabling others.
    The Mediterranean biome
  19. In December there’s even ice skating.
    The rain forest in England
    Up high above the rain-forest
  20. It’s dog friendly!!! Whilst you cannot take Fido into the Biomes, he can go everywhere else. Here’s our bear enjoying his time exploring the outdoor gardens.
    Dog friendly Eden Project
    It’s even dog friendly in most parts.

In some respects, it is a shame we’re so far away from the Eden Project because the reality is we won’t go again for quite a while. It’s an incredibly worthwhile project to support and our kids had so much fun we went twice and they asked to go again.

Globe structre, Corwall
Learning about the solar system

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We LOVE The Eden Project & to convince you to visit, here's 20 reasons why we think it's fab.

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