5 Gadgets I Can’t Live Without As A Travel Blogger!

When we travel I like to keep my technology simple. I have learned that less is definitely more. Here’s the 5 Gadgets I Can’t Live Without And Come Everywhere With Us.

Google Pixel Phone

I started out with an original Google Pixel phone (which you can still pick up for dirt cheap) however after two years I upgraded to a Google Pixel 3.

Why have I stuck with Google?

  1. The phone layout is simple and easy to navigate and custom arrange.
  2. Everything I do on my phone, I can also see on my laptop and vice versa. Google might be spying on us (let’s face it, who isn’t) but it certainly makes my life very easy. I also use it to track exactly where I’ve been and how many miles I’ve covered.
  3. Unlimited cloud storage forever (It means that if you record a 4K video on your Pixel and back it up, there will be no compromise in quality).
  4. Great customer service. Google replaced our daughter’s pixel phone for free when a software update killed it.
  5. Great photo quality that I use regularly now instead of my camera.

Lenovo Ideapad

I’ve had a number of Lenovos over the last few decades that I have run with both windows and linux OS. I absolutely love linux and I detest windows (Read about the time windows 10 deleted the contents of my HD & refused to accept responsibility) but sadly all my photo software refuses to run on linux. Bad play Adobe.

What I like about them is their durability. I’ve heard lots of horror stories about mac’s dying in humid conditions but I’ve taken the lenovo into the jungle and spent nearly six months in the tropics with them and they worked and continue to work perfectly. The 320 ideapad (buy BN with eBay) is also only a few centimetres thick and doesn’t look too flashy! I also like the keypad and the mousepad isn’t too irritating.

LaCie Rugged Mini Hard Drives

These cute, brightly coloured drives are drop, rain, dust and crush resistant and that’s why I use them. I’ve never had a single problem with any of the rugged range and I currently have six!  Since windows wiped my hard drive last year I have learned my lesson and I now back up after doing anything.

Lacie offer six types of rugged hard drive but I find the mini suits me best.  Just fitting into my hand, it measures 9cm x 14cm and weighs just 227 gram. It uses the same USB3 connection that my camera uses which means I also don’t need to take a ton of different cables around with me.

You can buy drives up to 6TB but I think that’s a bit risky and stick to 2TB. Maybe I’m being foolish or old-fashioned but it suits me fine.

Fujifilm XT2 Camera + 18-55 Lens

Having watched the mirrorless market grow over at least four years, I went into a camera shop in London to purchase a Sony. The Fuji wasn’t even on my radar at that point but I walked out very happily having purchased one. I just loved the way it felt, look and shot and I still do.

Why do I use Fuji?

  1. All the dials are easily accessible without me having to go into the menu.
  2. It’s compact and lightweight.
  3. It doesn’t look like anything special so is unlikely to be on a thieves radar (although this does leave me open to lots of mansplaining).
  4. I don’t use it a huge amount but the swivel screen is a big bonus.
  5. I can charge it directly through a USB charger plug.
  6. 4k video and a 24mp sensor.
  7. Double SD slot
  8. It boasts a whopping 11 frames per second! I rarely use this feature but it does come in handy.
  9. Shoot 4k film
  10. A serious 24mp sensor

Wireless Beats Solo Headphones

I’ve left the headphones til last because they’re so small and compact easily into most spaces. They come in a thick, padded bag and fold up very nicely. You can also grab a bargain off eBay and buy a refurbished pair for less.

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5 gadgets I cannot live without as a travel blogger and full time traveller

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