Which Jordan tourist SIM card should you get?

Jordan sim card

Jordan really surprised us. Not only was it an amazing country to see, think exceedingly high mountains, vast expanses of desert, sparkling clean ocean & tasty food, but it was really easy to self-drive, the internet was great AND there was a choice of THREE Jordan tourist SIM cards.


Jordan SIM card
Kids drinking Bedouin tea in the Wadi Rum desert

What providers are there?

There are three providers in Jordan; Umniah, Orange and Zain.

Zain is reported to have the best coverage whilst Orange has the worst. You can check coverage for Umniah and Orange (all links open in new tabs) but I can’t find coverage info for Zain.


jordan sim card
ZAIN sim card

What Jordan tourist SIM card did we choose?

We flew into Amman airport and we chose a Zain SIM card. All three providers have shops at the exit to the airport, near the car rental places.

If you don’t fly in, don’t worry as you can get different Jordan SIM card deals in the phone shops in all the towns/cities.

Which one offers what?


Zain offers two choices; a Summer line 1 (offers 10GB of data for 16.2JD)and a Summer line 2. We opted for Summer Line 2 which offers 15GB of data (for 23JD) and we used it all in a week.

We found that the coverage was excellent everywhere except Wadi Rum where coverage was patchy. We used the data mostly for Google Maps, hotspotting for Rich to work & kids to use their tablets and WhatsApp which worked with no problems.

If you don’t get the tourist SIM, Zain also offers a huge number of other monthly, prepaid deals which can be found here and bought in all their shops.


jordan sim card
Zain sim card


Umniah offers its Visitor’s Line which includes 60GB of data. You can choose between a one month or three-month line connection.  The price was roughly 24JD.

Info can be found here. This deal can ONLY be purchased in Umniah’s airport shops but you can purchase other SIM deals in their other shops.


Orange’s tourist sim (from the airport) only offered 6GB, so I didn’t bother exploring the cost however Orange offer other pre-paid SIM cards costing between 6-20JD per month.

Info on those SIM cards can be found here.

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Which Jordan SIM card should you buy?

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