Sineva Bulgarian Bubble Tents: Undiscovered Mountains Of Vratsa

mountains of vratsa in autumn

Bubble Tents are the last thing you’d expect to find in the north-western mountains of Vratsa. I admit that when I came across them I had to double-take but I can confirm that they’re real and they’re luxury. Vratsa is not a well-known tourist destination in Bulgaria and this is why you should visit. Come & experience the secluded mountains and be some of the first travellers to explore here.


mountains of vratsa, bubble tent
A bubble tent in the mountains of Vratsa, Bulgaria

Why Choose A Bubble Tent?

Richard hates camping. The children and I tease him all the time about being a pretentious first world traveller. He travels a lot for business and he gets thoroughly spoiled with high-class hotels. The kids and I on the other hand are used to back-packing and staying pretty much anywhere that’s cheap. And yes, it leads to a few problems between us but bubble tents seem to be the perfect medium.


mountains of vratsa, bubble tent in autumn
A bubble tent surrounded by autumnal colours

What Is A Bubble Tent?

Bubble tents combine both of the ideals of glamour and camping. They’re like glamping; a nice comfy bed; a heated blanket with the view of the stars but they combine the outdoor life of camping too. Perfect for those fussy people who don’t want to sleep on the floor but still want to experience a campfire and the idea that they might be roughing it. Even though they’re not.

These tents stay inflated with a constant stream of air and lots of zips. In order for them to remain inflated, each section is isolated by flaps and zips and you MUST remember to close one before you open the other.


sunset vratsa countryside
Sunset in the adjourning mountains


Inside the bubble tent
Inside one of the bubble tents

But A Bubble Tent In Vratsa, Bulgaria?

I was as surprised as you are to discover there are bubble tents in Bulgaria and especially just around the corner from us in the region of Vratsa. The owners got the idea from the bubble tents they saw in Jordan, which we also saw but couldn’t afford to stay in!


Bubble tent in field
A bubble tent


hot tub vratsa sunset
The hot tub

Fall Asleep With The Stars And Wake Up To The Rising Sun

Each of these tents has three compartments; an entrance; a living room and a bedroom with a double bed. From the comfort of the tent you can look up through the transparent ceilings and watch the stars from the warmth of your bed.

We stayed in October when the weather was just changing into those Autumn temperature drops and we loved that our beds had an electric blanket. Because there are five of us, we booked two separate tents with the adults in one and the kids in another. The kids slept liked logs every night because we had to go down and wake them in the morning!


bubble tent at night
Bubble tent at night


bubble tent at night with stars
Bubble tent at night under the stars

Can You Imagine Staying In The Snow?

We were thoroughly spoiled by hosts Nikolay and Tania in October but the snow didn’t hit until mid-November and part of me would love to wake up to snow overhead. I’m not sure how practical staying in a tent would be in winter though. Maybe that’s for the very brave!


bubble tent in bulgaria
Bubble tent in Bulgaria

What Are The Amenities Like There?

The bathrooms have been hand-built by Nikolay and they’re to a wonderful standard featuring wood. There’s piping hot water, fresh towels and plenty of toilet paper but what I loved the most is he has installed toilet douches! (Click the link for a photo). I just love that he’s incorporated aspects from around the world that we value (although clearly, he didn’t do it just for us). It makes perfect sense, I can’t understand why the rest of the world doesn’t use them.

Outside the bathrooms are more sinks and taps and there’s also a living room and a hot tub on site but the best secret is the natural swimming pool they have in the river just a few metres away. If you’re interested in natural swimming, it’s perfect for a dip.


Bubble tent bathroom vratsa
Inside the bathroom


inside bathroom bubble tent vratsa
Bathroom details

How To Book Your Stay In This Bubble Tent In The Mountains Of Vratsa

If you fancy visiting the almost undiscovered mountains of Vratsa and staying in these Bubble Tents, you can book your stay and see more photos here.


where to stay near vratsa
Bubble tent vratsa

Book Something Else Near Vratsa, Bulgaria

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Stay in a bubble tent in the undiscovered mountains of Vratsa, Bulgaria

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