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Eastern Europe’s Hidden Gem Ski Slopes & Lesser Known Ski Resort Schools For Kids

These Eastern European Hidden Gem Ski Slopes & Lesser Known Ski Resort Schools For Kids And Families provide top service for a smaller price. Take the family on an undiscovered skiing holiday with these personalised recommendations.

10 things to know before buying a house in Bulgaria

In 2018 we bought a house in Bulgaria. Whilst the buying process was relatively straightforward, living there has been more challenging. These are the 10 things that we wished we’d known before buying a house in Bulgaria. If you’re considering buying a house in Bulgaria, make sure you’ve thought about these ten points. Did Something…

An eerily deserted hotel at Sunny Beach

We arrived into a semi-deserted Sunny Beach late September 2017. The sunshine was fading, the winds were picking up and Autumn was definitely on its way. What we didn’t realise is that Sunny Beach runs very much on seasonal bookings and that most hotel doors had been locked and their pools had been drained. After…

20 things I’ve learned since living in Bulgaria

We recently bought a house in Bulgaria and are now renovating it and trying our best to learn the cyrllic alphabet and string a few words together. Don’t worry we’re planning our next travels too but in the mean time we’re attempting to get to grips with the culture by living in Bulgaria. Pin this…