Edenland: Want to go zip lining in Romania?


When you think of Romania, the first image that your brain conjures up is definitely not zip lining. Right!? So imagine our surprise when we found out that Romania has an adventurous zip lining park on the outskirts of Bucharest. This is what to expect from Edenland.

Mastering the ropes at Edenland

What is Edenland near Bucharest?

Edenland is a huge park, located in the Balotesti Forest about 20km out of Bucharest near Lake Snagov.

It offers a range of activities for both kids and adults including paintball, archery, horse-riding, a climbing wall, zip lining, ping pong, renting bicycles, a kids’ playground, paintball, arts and craft areas and the big 15m Eden Jump (only for adults)!  If you fancy spending a night or two in the woods, you can even hire a family-sized tree houses!

There is a zoo there as well – but I’d actively discourage anybody from visiting a zoo because I think they’re cruel and exploit animals in unnatural environments.

Immy, aged 7

Edenland’s opening hours and where to find it

The park is open between 10:00-21:00 although the zip-lining is only open until 16:30.

You will need your own transport to get here as it takes about 30-40 minutes from Bucharest.

Having a blast ziplining

The cost of ziplining in Edenland

There are separate prices which you’ll need to factor in.

At the time of writing this (Jan 2018) the fees to enter to the park itself are: adults – 10 lei, children over 3 years – 5 lei and children under 3 years are free of charge.

The cost for zip lining is: adults 50 lei (for three hours), children (aged 11-18) 40 lei, children (aged 4-10) 30 lei.

For up to date costs click here. Opens in new tab.

Let’s talk about zip lining at Edenland

 There are THIRTEEN available routes, ranked by difficulty levels which are judged by height.

There are trails starting from four years old and the staff who monitor the zips are very strict. Our kids tried to start a more difficult route and were called back by vigilant staff. 

A map of the coloured routes

Each difficulty level is symbolised by a specific color which is easy to identify as there are signs at every start. The one below is marked as easy with a height level of 1.3m.

Difficulty rating easy (usor)

You get a chance to test out the ropes first

Before you’re allowed lose on the ropes, you must first attend the instruction area where you’re shown how to handle them.

Here you’ll learn how to safely change one clip and slide the other.

The instruction area

Let’s talk Edenland safety

The safety gear they use has a special carabiner that slides over the end of the safety cable at the beginning of the course and cannot be removed until you slide it off at the end.

It cannot be unclipped from the cable like a normal carabiner. This is a great safety feature as it allows kids to go by themselves – even though an adult must still supervise them.

If there’s a problem, there are plenty of staff on hand supervising to help out.

Our son Zach, who was 9.

What should you wear?

We went very unprepared and I wasn’t allowed to zip-line because of inappropriate shoe wear. BOO!

So here’s what you need:

  • Toe covered footwear. I’d recommend sneakers/trainers.
  • Something that covers your underwear – i.e NOT a skirt!
  • It can be quite sweaty work up there, so wear a top that allows the air to flow and not show the sweat lines.
Don’t wear a skirt!

Can we eat at Edenland?

The downside of the park is that you CANNOT take your own food or drink. Staff check bags briefly at the beginning.

Because of this you’re required to buy everything there, including water. I’m pretty sure this contravenes several EU laws but we won’t go there.

There are several places to buy drinks, snacks and proper meals but be aware that once you leave the zip-lining area (i.e un-hook yourself) that your go is finished and you cannot re-enter without paying again.

Vegan food is minimal. We were able to buy some potatoes and french fries. If you’re not vegan there’s a large range of meat products to choose from.

Climbing high
Signs for getting around the park

What did the kids think?

They thought it was brilliant! They had a fantastic time and described it as amazing. They were thoroughly exhausted by the end of the day which is always a bonus 🙂

Zip-lining at Edenland

For adults?

Children must be supervised by an accompanying adult which means the adult has to go round with them. Rich, who is 6 foot tall, admittedly looked a little silly on the kids zip lines but at least he was one of many parents.

He really enjoyed spending time with the kids but the kids zip-lining was a little tame for him. I think he would have preferred to go higher on the more adventurous routes.

Rich enjoying the zip-lining
Adult zip-lines above the kids’ lines

Top Tips on visiting Edenland

  1. Get there early to beat the queues.
  2. Wear sneakers.
  3. Don’t wear a skirt.
  4. You’ll need to take your driving licence with you to leave as a deposit for the zip-pine harnesses.
  5. You need cash to pay for the park entry and buy bottles of water and snacks.
  6. For the zip-lining you can pay with either bank cards or cash.
  7. If you’re having a full meal there, you can pay by bank-card.
Edenland zip lining

Video from us at Edenland

Change the YouTube settings to HD to view this video at its best.

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