Fancy A Little Treat in Corfu? Stay at Villa Livadi


Do you fancy a quiet holiday in a stunning location, away from the hustle and bustle of tourists but close enough to drive to bars and restaurants and just a few hours from the UK? We have the PERFECT place for you. It’s called Villa Livadi Corfu

Villa Livadi Corfu
Villa Livadi Corfu

Fancy A Little Treat in Corfu?

We stumbled across this place in Corfu after the kids and I spent a manic fortnight backpacking alone in Seville and Cadiz. They had this great idea that we would meet up in Gatwick with Rich and then take a ‘holiday’ somewhere.

We don’t usually take holidays as such. We’re either fast travelling and back-packing or we’re slow travelling and getting to know places in depth but the kids were adamant this was what they wanted.

Finding Villa Livadi

The kids planned most of this trip by setting the following criteria:

  1. It must be hot
  2. It had to be within a budget (this was a budget I set after they found houses for £500 a night!)
  3. They wanted a pool
  4. The house had to have three bedrooms & with individual beds for all of them
  5. There must be restaurants near by (that was my input!)
  6. Near the sea would be good but not essential
  7. Must be able to fly there from Gatwick or the UK
  8. The location shouldn’t be too far from the airport (in the other country)

Where did we choose?

In the end we chose Corfu and we picked Villa Livadi, a semi-rural property with a pool.

Although we’d previously been to mainland Greece, the kids and I had never been to a Greek Island so we were pretty excited to be visiting Corfu.

Usually I don’t blog about where we’ve stayed. This tends to be because they’re budget accommodations and nothing special to write home about but this one is different and we had such a good time, I felt I should share it.

The house is quite decadent (for us!) with three levels, three double bedrooms and FOUR bathrooms.  It also had a kitchen with a dishwasher (frequently one of my prerequisites that gets abandoned) and a bbq.  Not to forget the very large garden, driveway parking and pool.

Villa Livadi Corfu
Villa Livadi Corfu
Villa Livadi Corfu

The outside of the Villa Livadi Corfu

Isn’t it pretty? Can you imagine having your next holiday here? The gentle buzz of cicadas rang in my ears and that feeling of being on holiday and having nothing to do was actually blissful.

Villa Livadi is semi-rural with a huge garden but it’s just a short drive from the bars and restaurants and multiple seaside towns.

Villa Livadi Corfu

 Villa Livadi’s Pool

We spent the most amount of time here and why not! A beautifully enclosed pool and what kid doesn’t love a pool. And ok, it was a little chilly in March but we’re brave (sort of)…

I’d love to go back during the warmer weather and really make use of those sun beds! Can you imagine yourself sunning there, cheeky drink in one hand whilst pretending to read.

Livadi Livadi Livadi

My favourite thing to do!?

My favourite thing to do in Villa Livadi was sit by the pool and watch the swallows circle and eat bugs from the pool’s surface. They would come in around dusk, six or seven at a time, swoop down, dunking themselves in the process.

This was taken one evening when we eating.

Do you want to reserve this house?

If you think this villa would make a perfect holiday spot, you can book Villa Livadi here.  We would!

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