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Greek party islands

Greek Party Islands; where to go; where to stay and what to do! Loads of info but if you’re looking for a package holiday, scroll to the bottom of this post.

Our previous post on Quiet Greek Islands perfect for tranquillity and relaxation was so popular that we decided to write a contrasting post on Greek Party Islands, the best party destinations in Greece. So, if you’re looking for the best nightlife in Greece, have a look at this list of Greek party islands and start booking that holiday!


Greek party islands
Greek party islands

Map of Greek Party Islands

Fancy partying in Greece? Here are the top party destinations in Greece.


I have been to some other islands in Greece, but Corfu is a different story altogether. Located off Greece’s northwest coast in the Adriatic Sea, Corfu’s charm, party vibes & atmosphere make it the kind of place that you want to go back to over and over again. During my TEFL training in Spain, I had the opportunity to visit this amazing party island and had a great time.

Corfu has an international airport which is served with year-round flights from international destinations as well as Athens. Corfu is connected by ferries from Igoumenitsa (1-2 hours) and Patra (7 hours) on a daily basis. Corfu is easily accessible from Italy too. Ancona, Brindisi, Triest and Venice have regular ferries to Corfu. You can also reach Corfu from Albania. The ferry takes 30 minutes by speed boat or 70 minutes by ferry boat and there are between 2 – 13 ferry departures per day.

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A lot of people visit Corfu for its pristine beaches. So, if you want to hit the beaches, you can start with the spectacular ones in Paleokastritsa. There are large cliffs and sea caves which you can visit by boat. Sidari is another popular beach. However, if you’re looking for a less-crowded beach, Rovinia, near the village of Liapades is a great one with caves and crystal-clear water. Chalikounas beach is also a little quieter.

If you are into history and architecture, the old town of Corfu will please as there’s the Old Fortress built in the 16th century by Venetians and the Esplanade however Corfu is mostly famous for its nightlife. But do pay a visit to the traditional taverns that serve amazing fresh local dishes. The ones, especially in the Old Town are the best.

With its vivid nightlife, a mix of lounge bars, traditional taverns and all-night clubs Corfu is a great Greek Party Island destination and one of the Best Party Holiday Destinations In Greece.  If you are looking for a crazy party scene, Kavos is a must-visit with booze cruises and bars that are open until 6 am. Areas like Sidari, Benitses, Dasia also have many nightclubs. 54 Dreamy Nights and Montecristo club were my favourites.

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Where Could You Stay On Corfu?

Things to do on Corfu


Corfu. Greek Party Islands
Corfu. Greek Party Islands


Located οn the southern side of the Aegean Sea, Crete is the biggest of all Greek islands. Crete has a vibrant party scene but only in very specific areas. Whilst Crete is definitely a thriving party island, it also caters for those tourists looking for lazy beach days and exploring the myriad of historic sites that Crete has to offer.

You can get to Crete by both air and ferry. The island has a big airport and a number of ports. The busiest ports on Crete Island are Heraklion (8 hours) and Chania (6-8 hours) which link to Piraeus, Athens.  There are both day and overnight ferries and you can book a cabin in advance.  There are also ferries from Pireaus via Milos and Santorini to Agios Nikolaos and Sitia but they are very long trips and not really recommended.

Chania Town is a hotspot for bars hidden in picturesque alleys of the old town and others lining the waterfront but it couldn’t really be described as wild.  The wildest scenes for nightlife are in  Malia and Stalis (Stalida). In Stalis, the best clubs line Beach Road. If you’re after fishbowls brimming with brightly-coloured cocktails, shot promotions, themed nights and foam parties, you should definitely head to Stalis. Most clubs here are open until sunrise but for those afterparty vibes, head to Petrino’s; a 24-hour bar where you can party as long as you want.  Some of the best bars and clubs in Stalis are candy bar, banana club, zig-zags and jumpin jaks.

Crete has a coastline of 1,046 km (650 miles) and nearly forty organised beaches. If you’re looking for a beach which is a bit different, head to the Palm Forest, also known as Vai beach. It is the only indigenous, wild-date, palm grove in Greece. Its uniqueness makes it very popular so get there early. If you’re self-driving (opens in new window), Sougia beach rarely gets busy but it’s a 70km drive from Chania. Other beaches worth visiting in Chania are Balos & Elafonissi as well as the long, sandy beach of Falassarna.  If you’re in Malia or Stalis every beach will be busy but if you head over to Pirgos or Potamos, there are quieter beaches there.

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Experience an action-packed day by hiking, swimming, eating and cruising your way around Crete!

Where Could You Stay On Crete 

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Crete, best party islands in Greece
Crete, best party islands in Greece


Ios is a Greek hilly island in the Aegean Sea. It is located halfway between other party islands of Naxos and Santorini. It’s a typically Greek scenic island with whitewashed houses, clifftop villages, narrow cobblestone alleys, blooming purple flowers & gorgeous beaches.

The Greek island of Ios can be reached from the ports of Piraeus, south-west of Athens. You can choose either the regular boat for the 5-6 hour trip or high-speed ferry and get to the island of Ios in approximately 3.5 hours.  During summer months, there are ferries from islands like Santorini, Sifnos, Paros and Milos as well as with Heraklion port in Crete and Rafina port in Athens, which is closer to the International Airport.

If you are looking for fun, nightlife, and a good time, Ios is one of the best places in Greece.  Although the whole island is known for being a Greek Party Island, Chora (the capital) has a lot to offer. Bars, clubs, discos, all crowded until the early morning hours with modern music that follows world trends.

However, Ios also offers calmer variants for those who would like to take a break from the hectic everyday life. 17km from Chora sits Palaiokastro, a Byzantine fortress, which you can walk to. The castle is built 300m above sea level and walking up there from the path that passes over the brink of the cliff, is a unique experience, especially in the evening.

Gastronomy on the island is very important to its inhabitants and, as on most islands in Greece brought to a high level. So Ios is known for its homemade cheeses and various specialities.
Their most famous cheese is sour, goat cheese ‘skotíri’, and one of the locally famous dishes is ‘tsimediá’ – a pumpkin flower stuffed with rice. Also, the island offers very unusual dishes such as watermelon and pancake pie with mastic and mizithra cheese.

Swimming on the beaches of Iosa is already a story in itself. The beautiful colours of the sea and almost white sand bring a smile to all visitors because they suggest peace and relaxation. And that’s what we came for, isn’t it?  For those who want to be alone, there are a few distant beaches Plakes and Papa. For swimming, there are Koumbara or Aghia Theodoti. On the other hand, there is a windy Psathikoja beach, which is perfect for surfers. And for those who like access to the taverns right next to the beach, there is Gialos beach.

The island is also known for the number of churches that are located there. Legend has it that there are 365 of them, as many as there are days in a year, but you should come and check. Festivals that celebrate various holidays throughout the year promise entertainment until the early hours of the morning.

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Things to do on Ios


Ios, Greek Party Islands
Ios, Greek Party Islands


Kos sits in a range of islands called the Dodecanese and every summer it peddles out incredible club vibes, beach parties and famous DJs making it one of the best Greek party islands and destinations in Greece for partying.

Kos has its own airport where you can fly directly from Athens in 1 hour. You can also fly from Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Heraklion and Astypalea and during summer, the airport is connected to some European countries as well.  Kos is also reachable by ferry, 4 times a week, from Piraeus port in Athens although the ferry is 11 hours long! Other ferries connecting to Kos are Rhodes, Patmos, Leros, and Kalymnos in Greece as well as Bodrum in Turkey.

During the day the island of Kos is really quiet which lends itself to beach life, excursions and history. Kos is known for its abundant sandy beaches but it’s also rich with Greek and Roman landmarks. Kos Town is dominated by the 15th-century Neratzia Castle, the Ancient Agora ruins and the 3rd-century Casa Romana villa but Kos also has its very own ghost village. A deserted village near Mt Dikeos, Haihoutes (also known as Aghios Dimitrios) was abandoned 40 years ago although two buildings have been restored and feature a small museum and a cafe serving Greek coffee and meze

One of the most famous images of Kos is the beach of Aghios Stefanos where you can sunbathe and swim beside the remains of two paleo-Christian churches. Both cove beaches Thermes Beach, which is surrounded by huge rocks, black pebbles and hot water and Psalidi Beach which features a picturesque cove with beach bars, are worth visiting.  Marmari Limnaria is a great beach for water sports and here you can have a go at windsurfing and surfing. 

Start your wild party nights with aperitifs in the central square (Eleftherias) and harbour. The traditional aperitif in Greece is ouzo (which I think is awful) but you can enjoy delicious pre-going out cocktails at both Accident and the Avra.

The heart of Kos’s nightlife is located around two streets, Diakon and Nafklirou.  There are many nightclubs and bars with free entry. Some of the best are The Camel Bar(which is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dancing through the night), Jackson’s Beach Bar and King Size beach bar.

Kos is super fun and has a buzzing night scene perfect for any party. It’s definitely one of the Best Party Destinations In Greece.

Where Could You Stay On Kos

Things To Do On Kos


Kos, Greece party island
Kos, Greece party island


Naxos is the largest island in the Cyclades islands of Greece. The island offers something for everyone wanting to visit a great Greek island for a vacation. Naxos’s fertile landscape spans mountain villages, ancient ruins and long stretches of white-sand beaches. The capital, Chora, is a port town filled with those identifiable whitewashed, cube-shaped houses and medieval Venetian mansions.

To reach Naxos, you can either take the ferry (5 hours) or catch a flight direct from Athens. A ferry is a great option if you have the time and enjoy watching the sea go by. The larger ferries are like small cruise ships; they have restaurants and you can sit outside on the deck soaking up the sun’s luscious rays before you even arrive at this delectable, paradise island.

No matter what you like to do, you can do it on this party island of Naxos. Naxos offers some of the best beaches in Greece. Most of the beaches are soft and sandy and have decent depth for swimming. Many of the beaches are organised and will have umbrellas and beach chairs for rent. These are usually attached to a restaurant or cafe so you can order food and drinks too.

If hiking is more your thing, there are tons of hikes to do, many of them through mountain villages that pass by waterfalls, ancient churches and ruins. You can even climb Mount Zas which is the highest mountain in the Cyclades.

Naxos has an amazing party vibe and some great nightlife. With cocktail bars, lounge bars, beach bars, chic bars, sophisticated bar-restaurants and a limited choice of nightclubs there’s a scene for everyone.  These bars are mostly found along the seafront or dotted around the quaint alleys of the Old Town. Other popular nightlife locations are at the seaside resorts of Saint George and Agia Anna with lovely beach bars and parties that stay open light into the night.

There are plenty of great places to eat in Naxos as well. Lots of traditional Greek taverna and a few upscale eateries. If you want a relaxing place to sit for a coffee, Kitron is a great option. They are also home to the Kitron liqueur and Kitron cocktail made on the island from the citron fruit.

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What Can You Do On Naxos


Naxos, Greek Party Islands
Naxos, Greek Party Islands


Mykonos is renowned for having the best party scene in the Greek islands, with beach bars, sunset spots and top clubs welcoming party-goers from around the world. The island really comes into its own during the summer months, inviting world-class DJs from May to September to play sets until the early hours.

Mykonos can easily be reached by plane, with direct flights from across Europe and directly from Athens. Ferries are accessible from other islands too. While this Greek Party Island is open to tourists year-round, it is only really the summer months that boast a top nightlife scene, so if you’re looking to dance the night away, you’ll want to wait until at least late May to visit.

As Mykonos has long been a gay-friendly destination, many of the nightlife spots cater directly to an LGBT+ audience and drag shows and wild parties are the order of the day. In line with this, the island is also known for its chic style with boutiques selling designer swimwear for your next Mykonos pool party and cocktail bars serving up the finest drinks and snacks.

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The majority of the bars are located in Mykonos Town (also simply known as Chora) but there are other hostels and clubs making their own parties on beaches around the island. Paradise Beach, Super Paradise Beach and Psarrou Beach are known for hosting some of the liveliest parties, with Tropicana, Cavo Paradiso and Toy Room Club being some of the island’s favourites.

On days when you’re looking for something a little more low-key, the bars of Little Venice offer a relaxing location in which to watch the sun go down with a drink in hand. Kalua and Nammos Beach Bars and Sol Y Mar Restaurant are all great places to chill for the day with laid-back vibes and music and you can decide where the night will take you!

If you’re looking to get to know the island better and delve into its past, must-visits are the Mykonos Windmills, the ruins at Delos, pedestrianised Little Venice and the Old Harbour.

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Where Could You Stay In Mykonos

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Mykonos , Greek Party Islands
Mykonos, Greek Party Islands


With over a hundred disco-bars, Rhodes is one of the best Greek party islands ever. As a result, Rhodes has become a popular party destination for European summer tourists, perhaps not as big as Ibiza or Crete, but that is what makes Rhodes the perfect Greek party island. Not too crowded and the ideal combination of a party holiday with some fun and interesting historic and cultural sites to see as well.

The easiest way to get into Rhodes is to fly into the international airport. In spring and summer, there are quite a few European countries that fly directly into Rhodes Island. Alternatively, you could take a ferry from Marmaris in Turkey or other places in Greece such as Athens, Kos, Patmos, Leros and Simi.

The best place to stay on the island is Rhodes Town, which is a historic town included on UNESCO’s world heritage list. You can find plenty of options for accommodation here, from luxury hotels to simple apartments or hostels for solo travellers.

The island’s most popular bar street, Orfanidou Street is also located in Rhodes town. It’s the largest street with loads of pubs and clubs on the island. The other popular bar area on the island is Rhodes town harbour area, where you find many cocktail bars and hotspots from which you can enjoy the stunning view of the sunset at the harbour.

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There are plenty of other things to do on Rhodes besides discovering its nightlife. The cheapest and most pleasant thing is to stroll through the beautiful fortified old town. If you are interested in history, Monolithos Castle, Monthe Smith, the Ancient city of Kameiros, and Lindos are just a handful of interesting historic sights on the island.

If you are more into relaxing you can head to one of the many beautiful beaches on Rhodes, such as Kato Petres, Tsambika, Lindos, or Prasonisi. Or take a boat tour to one of the smaller islands such as Symi or Halki.

In short, whether you’re into parties, culture, history, or sunbathing, Rhodes has something to offer for everyone.

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What Can You Do In Rhodes


Rhodes, Greek Party Islands
Rhodes, Greek Party Islands


Perhaps one of the most well-known Greek Party Islands, a Santorini night out is pure magic. The breathtaking views of the sunset from this rocky, Cyclades island and its unique party atmosphere guarantee an unforgettable holiday.

You can travel to Santorini by either by plane directly from the UK or indirectly from Athens (40 minutes) and by ferry from Piraeus Port. During the summer months, ferries also depart also from Rafina, which is closer to Athens airport. There are also frequent ferries from other large Greek islands such as Crete.

The whitewashed, cubiform houses form two of its principal towns, Fira and Oia which cling to the cliffs above an underwater crater. The island was actually destroyed by a huge volcano in 16th century BC. These two towns overlook the sea, a scattering of small islands and beaches made up of black, red and white lava pebbles and volcanic sand. You won’t find any white sand beaches here but the water is still as clear as anywhere.  The best swimming beach is that of Perissa and Perivolos beach, a combined north and south beach whereas the most striking beach must be Red Beach! This stunning red beach is a steep descent but it contrasts the turquoise waters beautifully.

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Fira, the island’s capital is the action centre with a vibrant nightlife, cocktail bars, pumping nightclubs with world-famous DJs and multiple after-parties which start after midnight. Two really stylish European bars are the Tango Bar and PK Cocktail Bar after that we suggest that you head to the Koo Club and the Enigma Club. However, if you’re looking for Greek music head to Mamounia Club.

Sometimes it’s just too hot to stifle yourself into a nightclub and that’s when the open-air beach bars that line the long promenade in Perissa and Kamari are perfect. You must visit the Albatross and the Love Boat for a loud, party vibe with endless hours of drinking and dancing.

Santorini is without a doubt a romantic island with its idyllic landscapes and Oia, world-famous roof scenes at sunset but it’s also the most vibrant island and if you’re looking for a real party, Santorini is a must-visit.

Where Could You Stay On Santorini?

Things To Do On Santorini


Santorini, the party island
Santorini, the party island


Summer and springtime vacations call for Greek party islands in sun-kissed Greece. One on the list is the magical land of Skiathos island.

Skiathos is accessible by ferry from the two Greek mainland ports of Volos and Agios Konstantinos. Daily ferries last for just two hours however, in summer, there are also ferries to Skiathos from the small port of Mantoudi on Evia island. Skiathos also has an international airport and receives flights from Athens all year round. The flight time from Athens is roughly 30 minutes.

If you happen to visit Greece, then a fun time visit is a must-do and make sure to visit the best beaches in Skiathos, Greece too!  The beaches like Koukounaries are sure to give you exposure to full bloom and the sun graces locals and visitors with warm temperatures.  During spring, you’ll want to visit Banana Beach which is full of tourists and beach bars.

A trip to Skiathos is incomplete without experiencing the nightlife, cafes, and bars at the beaches. You’ll get exposure to a fresh and full of scents atmosphere.

You can find end number of cafes and restaurants like Mystic Beach Bar Restaurant, Panorama Hotel Koukounaries that are in the budget here to fill your hunger pangs, that are always welcoming for the arrival of tourists filled. Besides, these eating joints, you may visit the House of Papadiamantis. The museum which was the home to Alexandros Papadiamantis, a great Greek writer of the 19th century, is a great place to visit in your free time.

Another great place to visit is Koukounaries, a typical beach famous amongst the tourist for its long, sandy coastline and a forest of pine trees behind it, while another one is Lalaria is an impressive landscape with sea caves and imposing rocks.

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Skiathos. Greek Party Islands
Skiathos. Greek Party Islands

Zakynthos (Zante)

In the extreme west of Greece in the Ionian Sea, is the third-largest island of Zakynthos or Zante.  Zakynthos is proudly called a party island because it is the capital of large, crazy parties in Greece. So if you’re looking for an all-night, wild and unforgettable Zante party holiday, you should come to Zakynthos.

To get to Zakynthos, you can go via the port of Killini on the western side of Peloponnese (3 hours west of Athens), with a one-hour boat trip. Alternatively, you reach Zakynthos from Kefalonia’s Pessada Port by ferry within 90 minutes.  Zakynthos has an airport which receives direct flights from Athens and Kefalonia (45 minutes) all year round however it does receive charter flights from Europe during busy summer months.

Being a big island, Zakynthos has a lot to offer in terms of things to do and you won’t be bored here. Sights that you must visit on Zakynthos are the ruined, Venetian Argassi Bridge which is built at the outfall of a river, located 10 meters from the seashore. The Kampi Cross can be seen from 7km away, the ruins of the Venetian Castle of Bochali and an English stately home, the Saracen Mansion, is said to have been called so because of being a hideout for Saracen pirates.  All of these will delight you with their appearance, story and historical significance.

From Zakynthos, you can see the nesting, Keri kaiki turtles.  During the day there are plenty of organised excursions such as tours of the island and boat cruises around it. The island delights with its many rocky bays, caves as well as several hills from which the highest peak is Vrahionas at 758 m above sea level.  For this reason, this island is ideal for hiking, camping, adventure and exploring.

Book That Trip To Zakynthos Shipwreck Beach

Zakynthos’s capital city is Zante Town but this is not where the best parties are held. For that, you’ll need to head to the south of the island to a place called Laganas.  It’s just 20 minutes from Zante town.  Laganas is the party centre of Zakynthos, full of bars and clubs with many starting at midnight and ending with the first sunrise. Be sure to visit the clubs’ Cocktails & Dreams and Rescue as they have a happy hour that lasts up to 23 hours. If you’re looking for a wild pool party, check out Splash Pool Party every Friday.

If you’re looking to relax during the day, head to the numerous beach bars which line the long, sandy beach of Laganas.  Also worth a visit are the beaches Kalamaki (which joins Laganas), Agios Sostis, Kanonia as well as the small islands of Marathonisi and Peluzo which can be reached by small boats. Don’t forget to check out Navagio Beach and its famous shipwreck too.

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Things To Do In Zakynthos


Zakynthos Best Party Island Greece
Zakynthos, Best Party Island Greece

How To Book Travel Around Greece

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Many of the ferries are car ferries and you can rent cars in Athens and drive over. Rent a car and self-drive these gorgeous islands with RentalCars. 

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